Five Types of Display Fridge

Chilling food and drink can be used as a brilliant marketing technique when display fridges are used. Depending on what is being stored, how it will be served and where the customer will see the fridge, there are several different types of display fridge that can be used. Here are five different types which are all utilised to enable adequate service and attract customers.

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Serve Over Counter

Serve over counter fridges are some of the largest front-of-house appliances and are used to show off the food and drinks inside, such as meats, fish and cheeses. They are aesthetically pleasing, and size and temperature ranges should be considered dependent on the location of the fridge and what it will be used for.

Refrigerated Merchandiser

Refrigerated merchandisers are used for both large cake chillers as well as small counter-top displays. They come in a range of sizes, from counter-top to freestanding, and are used to display the produce on one side and be accessible to the server on the other.

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Multideck Displays

A multideck display fridge is an open-fronted fridge which enables the customer to pick chilled products from within it. These are usually used within shops and cafes for sandwiches and drinks, etc. They encourage extra sales when placed near queues.

Commercial Beer Fridge

These fridges are a type of glass door refrigerator that can be ideal for bars, pubs and clubs. They tend to go under the counter and provide access to bottles and cans. They usually have hinged or sliding doors and aesthetically pleasing lighting, like those sold by, to attract customers.

Commercial Wine Coolers

A wine cooler is another type of glass door refrigerator that looks very similar to a beer fridge. Whilst beer and most canned drinks can be served at different temperatures, different types of wine have different optimum serving temperatures. It is vital to serve the wine at the right temperature to bring out the best flavours in it.

Some wine fridges have multiple temperature zones so that both red and white wines can be kept in the same fridge. They also tend to have wooden shelves so that wire racks don’t bend under the heavy bottles or scratch the label of the wine bottles.

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