Getting back into Netball

If you’ve enjoyed a summer filled with watching sport, you might be feeling a little deflated now autumn is upon us. All the exciting world cup football and tennis is over. Why not consider getting back into sport yourself? Have you thought about netball?

You probably haven’t played netball since you were in school. Did you know more and more women are returning to netball as a fun and sociable way to get back into exercise? Even if you don’t remember it with overly fond memories from your days of PE at school, rediscovering it as an adult can guarantee a more pleasurable experience!

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There are hundreds of sessions all over the country, with new clubs forming all the time. A special programme was launched back in 2010 called Back to Netball aimed at providing women of any age with the chance to enjoy a gentle re-introduction into netball.

Need a reminder?

Netball is a game of 7 people per side and the aim is to score goals by moving the ball down the court by passing, hopefully ending up going through your opponent’s net! Once players receive the ball, they cannot run or dribble with the ball, the skill is all in the passing. For Netball Training drill Videos, visit

Surely I’m too unfit?

It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is as there is something for everyone in a game of netball. The great thing about netball is that it’s a non-contact sport so any mix of young, old, male or female can all play on the same side. It’s also great for team-building and socialising.

At a first session, you’ll be made to feel welcome by the friendly and passionate coaches who run these clubs and you’ll be shown the basics that cover things like shooting, passing and footwork. It’s a perfect way to get fitter, have fun and make new friends.

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Netball is ideal for giving you a whole-body workout, so is useful for those looking to lose weight and improve their muscle tone. There is no need to purchase expensive, specialist kit as all you need are comfortable clothes and a pair of trainers.

The running and jumping involved in the game will also improve your coordination and balance abilities. It’s also suitable for children and adults alike. You can even try a version of the sport called Walking Netball, a special low-impact game. Walking Netball is growing in popularity and appeals to both the young and older!

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