Good choices for inexpensive flooring

Finding cheap flooring options can be easy if you know where to shop.

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Cheap laminate flooring

Laminate floors do not need to cost the earth, and the marketplace is full of cheaper options.

If you are willing to install thinner planks of 8mm or less, and live without extras such as deep embossing and attached underlay, and if your room is not an unusual dimension, then laminate flooring can be very cost-effective.

Companies such as have many options.

Luxury wood-effect vinyl flooring

High-quality vinyl flooring is available in up to 6.5mm, and revolutionary embossing realistically mimics expensive and delicate materials in hard-wearing, durable vinyl.

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Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles may not be the most inexpensive form of carpeting, but they can be easily installed yourself. This will save installation fees, which are often built into the cost of a carpet.

Peel and stick carpet tiles

Another type of carpet tile is the peel and stick variety, which come in a range of neutral colours such as blue, beige, grey and burgundy. These carpet tiles are thin and attach to any clean, smooth surface. Although not the most attractive option, peel and stick is a good option for basic carpet with adequate sound absorption in a hobby room or home office.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic floor tiles range in price from reasonably inexpensive to fairly costly. By choosing small tiles, your range of design possibilities broadens. There are plenty of affordable porcelain or stone-look ceramic tiles available.

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