Tips for running a sandwich shop

Have you always dreamed of running your own sandwich shop? Coffee shops and cafes in town and city centres do a roaring trade and if you’ve ever fancied being your own boss and serving your town with freshly prepared lunchtime fare, then here are a few handy tips:


The most important thing to deal with first are the rules and regulations surrounding food service in a commercial business. As well as trading licenses and tax forms, you’ll need to notify your local authority’s Environmental Health Service at least one month prior to opening. Business rates will need to be paid, along with equipping the premises adequately for the safe and hygienic preparation, storing and selling of perishable goods.

Both you and your staff will need certification in recommended hygiene practices and strong cleaning procedures in place. At some point, you can expect a visit from a food safety officer who will look at the building conditions as well as business procedures.

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Be prepared to be a ‘people person’

If you intend to be ‘front of house’ then you’ll need to be good with people. You’ll want to attract regular custom by building a good rapport with the public. You’ll want to develop the ability to keep spirits up, keep smiling and laughing even when you’re rushed off your feet.

Don’t neglect the seating

If you intend to have a sit-in café, invest in the best that you can as comfortable seating is a must for customer satisfaction. Even if you don’t plan on having a seating area, a few chairs or sofa for waiting customers is a great touch that can significantly improve your customer experience. Consider the original and classic café chair – the Tolix Style chair. Find yours today at Pash Classics who sell the popular Tolix Style Chair.

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