Walking the Monaco Grand Prix circuit

The Monaco Grand Prix circuit, which is famous across the world, is also one of the most important. The circuit sees cars racing at 250km per hour, which is over twice the UK motorway speed limit, twisting around the race track on the roads of the city. Read on to find out how you can explore this famous circuit.

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The city’s narrow track

The Monaco Grand Prix is run on the city’s roads instead of the usual race track. This means you can visit Monaco and see the race circuit whenever you like, although it is easier in May when the advertisement hoardings are on display. The circuit is notorious for its narrow track, which makes it hard for wide, modern cars to overtake; in fact, Lewis Hamilton has suggested that changes might be needed.

To explore the Monaco circuit, take the southern exit from the train station marked Jardin Exotique. Walk through the pedestrian tunnel and the race circuit begins along Boulevard Albert 1st.
You can follow this road to Saint Devote corner and head up Avenue d’Ostende to Beau Rivage. You then head towards Avenue de Monte Carlo, which leads towards the casino.

The famous hairpin bend

After this, you need to turn left onto Place Du Casino and Avenue des Spelugues, which will lead you to a bend in the road at Mirabeau. The road then continues to a famous sharp bend before moving towards the seafront.

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Turn right onto Boulevard Louis 2nd, then go through the tunnel. You need to turn left at Quai des Etats Unis and then go around Tabac. Finally, you will then turn right onto Quai Albert 1st, followed by La Racasse, and then re-join Boulevard Albert 1st. The finish line is right here.

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For race fans who want to experience the full course of the Monaco Grand Prix, you will need to go around the race circuit 78 times to cover the whole race distance!

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