What makes a great stag do?

Stag dos are complicated occasions, requiring a lot of organisation to get right and a number of important elements to be as memorable as possible.

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If you are responsible for arranging a stag do, here are some of the core features you will want to include to avoid disappointing the groom.

After-hours entertainment

Every stag do needs to end with a great night out, so make sure you choose to host yours in a location that has a wealth of options that cater to your taste.

If your group is eager to hit the clubs, major cities such as London, Birmingham and Newcastle can provide the alcohol-fuelled entertainment you crave. If you are more interested in visiting amazing pubs and chatting into the small hours, cities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Bath might be a better option.

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Daytime activities

Multi-day stag dos are commonplace. Rather than hitting the booze as soon as possible, it is best to stagger things a little with some adrenaline-pumping activities during the afternoon.

You might choose to book Tank Experiences through Armourgeddon or another experience provider, as there is nothing quite like a bit of tank driving to get the energy levels up on a stag do. You could visit an escape room, go paintballing or book a brewery tour if this fits with your groom’s tastes.

Proper planning

There is no point leaving anything to chance, so be prepared to create a spreadsheet and plan your schedule carefully. Think about factors such as travel times, activity durations, accommodation, and every other detail that might be relevant.

If you leave planning until the last minute or get complacent, you might end up spoiling the day as a result of some oversight. With overseas stag dos costing £1,000 on average, this is even more important if you are intending to jet to another country for the event.

Memorable moments

The best stag dos will go down in the history of your friendship group as truly epic occasions, so you want to ensure that those involved will actually be able to remember everything fondly rather than looking back with regret.

Although things will inevitably get a bit rowdy on the day, try to make sure that you organise the party to accommodate every invitee, especially if older family members are attending.

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