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Mexican food has been popular here in the UK for many years with people opting to cook dishes from home and also frequenting Mexican restaurants where the chef and their staff are working hard over the Commercial 4 Burner Gas Oven to create some authentic dishes for you to enjoy.  Mexican cuisine has a long-established heritage and there are many facts about the country’s food that very interesting. Here are a few of them for you to have a read through.

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  • Mexican cuisine dates back centuries and has a much longer history than people first think with some of the country’s more traditional recipes originating from Aztec and Mayan time frames. These ancient recipes and cuisine were adapted by the Spanish when they colonised Mexico and this is the infusion of foods that we are used to seeing in Mexican cuisine today. The Spanish brought with them new ways of cooking, new ingredients and even imported items including meats, grains and vegetables that had not been seen before in Mexico. These included olive oil, barley, almonds and oranges amongst just a few.
  • One of the dishes that we have fallen in love with here in the UK is that of the Fajita. The dish consists of tortilla wraps filled with a delicately spiced mixture of vegetables and if desired a meat of your choice. The tortilla wraps used in Fajita’s are a staple of Mexican cuisine and are made of a mixture of flour and corn. They differ in flavour and the addition of different herbs and spices depending on which are of Mexico you are in. They can also be served as crunchy or soft additions to a meal. It is thought that an average family in Mexico will eat around two pounds of tortillas a day.
  • In some areas of the country tacos are filled with a variety of meats and even the odd insect or two. Grasshoppers and caterpillars are amongst some of the more exotic items that are served.

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  • Candy is big in Mexico and none so more than the sugar skull candy called Calaveras de Azukar which are made and purchased manly on ‘Day of the Dead’
  • The main herb used in Mexico is the chili pepper. You will find chili in most Mexican dishes in varying amounts and it is even used in some of the country’s most popular desserts.

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