At 90 still nordic walking

At 90 still nordic walking

Elisabeth steger is a fun-loving woman. Early in the morning of her 90th birthday. She sang "such a day, so beautiful like today" on her 50th birthday, when the eldest daughter came to the house to help with the preparations for the festival.

The jubilarian has always remained cheerful despite many a stroke of fate. The "liesl, as she is called in the village, comes from niedermirsberg, her maiden name was mannlein. After her marriage to her husband vinzenz, a railroad postal worker, she moved to the aischtal community in 1956. Their marriage produced six children; the oldest, reinhard, died in 2009 at the age of 53. Four years earlier, in 2005, she had to bury her husband, vinzenz.

Music and her unshakeable christian faith helped her through the difficult times. Today, she is always happy to see her seven grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Elisabeth steger reads the newspaper every day, takes care of her house and garden, and goes for a walk every day with her nordic walking sticks. She still enjoys getting close, too. In the past, she used to be close to the whole town, and even communion dresses were ordered from her. She learned her trade in kauernhofen, where she was also employed for several years as a seamstress in a small tailor shop.

After the wedding, she worked for a while at the lindner company in eggolsheim, then stayed at home to take care of her children. She earned a little extra money cleaning the elementary and middle school, where she worked until she retired. Mayor torsten gunselmann (G) thanked her for her decades of service and congratulated her warmly on behalf of the community of hallerndorf on her milestone birthday.

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