Concerns about the local image outweigh the concerns

Concerns about the local image outweigh the concerns


The building application for the conversion of a former restaurant and butcher's shop in the center of aschbach was unanimously rejected at the meeting of the building committee of schlusselfeld. The applicant, the eichhorn-immobilien-gesellschaft wurzburg, aimed with the application at a change of use and the installation of 14 apartments.

The council members justified their rejection by saying that the project did not fit into the center of aschbach. The church, the parish house and an exemplary renovated former inn are grouped around the property. Although the property is already "problematic in terms of design," additional building mass should be added by remodeling and adding to the building's height. The project, not least the intended monopitch roof, does not fit into the intact franconian village center, the council members thought.

In his first meeting as deputy mayor for mayor johannes krapp, who was on vacation, deputy mayor bernhard seeger had to deal almost exclusively with construction issues.

Construction to begin in spring 2022

Among other things, the building application for the day care facility with diaconia station on bamberger strabe was on the table, and the committee unanimously gave its approval. The project does not pose any problems in terms of building law, according to the administration.

It corresponds in everything to the design of the development plan for the senior center . The applicant and developer is dennert-projekt-einsgesellschaft. After construction, the senior citizens' facility is to be taken over by the diakonie. The city expects construction to begin in spring 2022.

The extension of the concorde motorhome body shop in aschbach also met with unanimous approval. The company plans to build an 81-meter annex on its own premises.

The preliminary building application for a property in thungbach received the approval of the committee members, with one vote against. A veterinarian wanted to use the former farm as a therapy facility with paddock for sick horses. With the approval of the building application, the meeting gave the green light for the expansion of the schlusselfeld kindergarten saint johannes. The mabnahme, a project of 2.25 million euros, is scheduled to begin next spring. According to the city administration, the tenders will start this year.

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