Construction area gets an armored wall

The agenda of the most recent meeting of the hebdorf municipal council included consideration of the comments received on the "hebdorf-sud" development plan. Lena beyrich from the planning office TB markert explained the comments received and the necessary changes as well as planning considerations.

The discussion focused on the northern access road to the area and the noise barrier. For stefan stiegler (SPD), the northern access road to the area is very important, as the left turn lane in the south alone is not sufficient. The majority of the committee was of the opinion that a direct connection should be created on the opposite street. The noise barrier is to be four meters high, and two parking spaces are to be created per plot.

Draft is laid out

The suggestions of the comments received are to be taken into account in the further planning or have been acknowledged. The revised draft of the development plan "hebdorf-sud" will again be put on public display for one month and the administration was instructed to continue the process.

Parallel to the urban land use planning for the "hebdorf-sud" development area the development planning, which was explained by werner pongratz and reimund waadt from the IB pongratz office, is also underway. The planned surface drainage to the retention basins west of the membacher strabe will most likely work and the new basin to be built should have a throttle structure. The waste water will be drained to the valley road, but the existing sewer cannot be used. Construction is expected to start at the end of june 2019.

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