Effeltrich schoolchildren learn how to program

Effeltrich schoolchildren learn how to program

Thanks to a donation from the sparkasse forchheim, the effeltrich elementary school has acquired five laptops and a classic set of calliope minicomputers. The check for 3100 euros was presented by jurgen klaus and nicole mainusch from the effeltrich branch of the savings bank during a small ceremony prepared by principal silke schur.

Some of the students in the afternoon programming course had the task of explaining to the audience what a calliope is and what it can do. They showed off the seven-by-eight-square-centimeter calliope minicomputers with their control buttons, sensors and circuits and were visibly proud to be able to report that, thanks to successful programming, they can be used, for example, as a pedometer, speedometer, spirit level or alarm system.

In greek mythology, calliope is the daughter of the god zeus and one of the nine muses. Today, the name is used in many countries: it means "the one with the gentle voice".

The modern calliope computer project was developed by the fraunhofer institute specifically for educational purposes to give schoolchildren from the third grade upwards playful access to the digital world. Programming has been shown to improve concentration, logical thinking and precision in work. The children quickly learn that the computer will not implement the program if they give the wrong command. This is how they acquire the digital competence that is in demand nowadays, which is why calliope has also been called for by the federal ministry for economics and energy since 2016.

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