Eintracht striker jovic: future still completely open

Eintracht striker jovic: future still completely open

"I will think about it in the next few days and also discuss it with my advisor," said the serb in an interview with the "welt am sonntag" newspaper. At the same time, the courted attacker made it clear that he could well imagine a future with a major soccer club in another european league and that he wanted to take further steps in his career: "i’m looking forward to seeing my level compared to the best players in the world. One thing is clear: i want to be successful in my career."

Most recently, the pay-TV channel sky reported that jovic had already signed a five-year contract with the spanish top club real madrid and is to transfer in the summer for 60 million euros. The "bild", on the other hand, had reported that the transfer was not yet fixed because both clubs were still haggling about the transfer fee.

After his experiences in the bundesliga, jovic believes that "some other leagues in europe suit me better ? The way I play soccer". After playing in the europe league against FC chelsea or inter milan, he had the feeling "that i could feel even more comfortable in the premier league or serie A. The way the teams play there suits me better."

Jovic scored 27 goals for hesse in 47 compulsory games last season – ten in the europe league and 17 in the bundesliga.

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