Everyone is happy about the help of the defense forces

Everyone is happy about the help of the defense forces

In the saint marien church, this day of remembrance was celebrated with an ocunemic service. Over 350 firefighters underlined the high value of this day. City pastor joachim lindner, himself a rough follower of the fire department, buried the fire departments and the representatives from politics, business and associations. He thanked the firefighters for their voluntary work, even at the risk of their lives, for the general public. This deserves thanks and recognition from the public.

In his sermon, the protestant pastor friedrich seegenschmidt recalled the american president john f. Kennedy, who once said: "ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"."

With heart and soul
There was already a tendency at that time that has spread to us as well. People have tried to get everything out of society for themselves, without wanting to contribute anything themselves. "Everyone thinks only of himself and I think of myself. The results of this attitude are painfully noticeable in every town. There are fewer and fewer people who stand up for others", regretted pastor seegenschmiedt. Fire and rescue services are also finding it increasingly difficult to maintain their readiness for action. Everyone is happy when the fire department comes to the rescue, but who can come to the rescue when no one is willing to do so anymore?. The pastor therefore thanked the firefighters who always performed the firefighting service with heart and soul.

After the sermon, a meeting was held in the fire department's town hall. Mayor gabriele weber (CSU) and district fire chief joachim ranzenberger thanked the teuschnitz fire department, which had once again proved to be a good host, and all the fire departments for their exemplary volunteer work for the general public. The festivities were musically framed by the town band teuschnitz.

The legend
The saint legend reports about florian: he was a soldier. At that time, the romans ruled, and most of them were still pagans. Where the enns flows into the danube, the romans had a fortified soldier camp. Among the soldiers who lived there were also christians. Many of them were thrown into the dungeon. The hoard of (later canonized) florian. He went there himself and indicated that he was a christian. The city governor lieb beat him with sticks and mangle his shoulders with sharp irons. But florian remained steadfast. He could not be persuaded to sacrifice anything to the goths. That is why he was sentenced to death. A rough stone was tied around his neck and he was thrown from a bridge into the river enns. When florian was dead, god glorified his body. The waves carried him high and placed him on a rock jutting out of the water. Then an eagle flew over and sat down next to the corpse as if to protect it, until a pious woman secretly carried it away and buried it where the monastery of st. Peter is now. Florian stands.
Why do people worship florian? Because he found his death in the water, he is regarded as a patron against fire danger.

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