New parish officer inaugurated

New parish officer inaugurated

The parish community st. Michael im thulbatal has been in office since 1. September 2018 a new parish assistant. Petra straub now supports the pastoral care team around pastor dr. Blaise okpanachi. The inaugural service with the reading of the decree of instruction took place last sunday at the newly restored freialtar of michaelskapelle in frankenbrunn.

"Today is a beautiful day, pastor blaise opened the service, referring not only to the beautiful weather and the picturesque setting of the "kirchle" offered this morning. Numerous believers from frankenbrunn, hetzlos and thulba came to the hallstatt high on michael’s day in a star pilgrimage. They were accompanied by musicians from the respective villages. "It is good that you have come to us", the pastor buried the new parish assistant.

In the future, petra straub will support pastor okpanachi blaise and community advisor bernd keller in their pastoral work with 20 hours per week and will thus fill part of the gap left by the death of pastor karl theodor mauer in august 2017. Word and family services in all eight associated parishes, pastoral care for the bereaved, visiting the sick and communions to the sick, leading confirmation catechesis – these are just a few of the many upcoming tasks for the new parish assistant. But first and foremost, it’s important to get a picture of the community, says straub. "At first I wanted to look and listen. What do people need?", her motivation.

Petra straub is married and lives in her hometown langenleiten. As a trained bank clerk, she is a "theological career changer", says. During her work in various banks, she quickly realized that this is not what fulfills her. "In the end, it was the interaction with people that gave me joy". With the birth of her two children, the young mother hung up her job and began to study theology by correspondence course in 2006 – at first only for herself. The decision to use her studies professionally came only with time: "it developed somehow."

In 2012, straub became a parish assistant in her practical year at the parish community "am kreuzberg, bischofsheim" and in 2013 she took over the tasks of a parish assistant in the parish community "jesus-source-of-life, bad kissingen". She has been active there as a parish assistant since summer 2015. "After five years in bad kissingen, it was time for me to leave and go new ways", the 49-year-old told the congregation in her introductory address. They leave behind familiar and cherished things.

"Feeling a sense of belonging – the theme of her speech this morning – is a longing that everyone carries within them. To the parish community of st. Michael will soon feel right at home in the thulba valley, and the nature lover wants to get to know the people at her new place of work very quickly. "It can happen that I just ring the bell somewhere and introduce myself", she jokes. She has already had a few nice conversations, and the goodwill she has been shown has done her good.

"We can do it all with ease", pastor blaise encouraged the new employee in his usual cheerful manner. With joy they will succeed in everything and wished her god’s rich blessing for it.

"It’s good that you’re here, marga bos, chairwoman of the parish council, also welcomed the new parish worker to the church community of 3,900 souls. She is particularly pleased that the parish community has received support from weilbliche. Both men and women are very important in the catholic church. "You can get along well", bos is certain.

About the new "woman power oberthulba’s mayor gotthard schlereth was also enthusiastic in his welcoming address. It’s good that the church is becoming more female". Mrs. Straub expects a community with positive thinking people, he assured her. "Let’s look together at what connects the two", according to the head of the community. You are responsible for the same people, both in the political and in the ecclesiastical community. And regardless of where you live, whether above or below the freeway.

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