Railroad wants to enforce mask obligation also with train reprimands

Railroad wants to enforce mask obligation also with train reprimands

The railroad wants to enforce compliance with the mandatory wearing of masks on trains to protect against the coronavirus, if necessary by means of reprimands. "If a minority disregards valid rules, this is unacceptable for us," the federally owned company declared in berlin on monday.

For passengers who stubbornly refuse, such reprimands are already possible. Together with the federal police, this is also being "consistently" implemented.

Federal transport minister andreas scheuer (CSU) agreed: "the mandatory mask applies without any ifs and buts."The grunen and the union of german locomotive drivers (GDL) called for further steps to be taken.

The railroad emphasized that "the vast majority of passengers continue to comply with the mask requirement."If passengers refused after repeated requests, this was unacceptable. In that case, the passenger will be asked to get off the train at the next stop, said a spokesman for the federal ministry of the interior – if necessary, the federal police will be called in and will also report violations.

Train reservations are possible under rail traffic regulations, federal transport ministry says. It stipulates that "persons who pose a danger to the safety and order of the company or to the safety of passengers, or who do not follow the instructions of the railroad personnel" can be excluded from the transport – without entitlement to reimbursement of the fare.

No information was given on how many passengers have already had to get off the train. The railroad explained that it provides broad information about the mask requirement on trains, in train stations and on the internet. It is also a matter of "mutual consideration and responsibility for the health of each individual and the population as a whole. The ministry of transport asked the railroad to strictly observe the obligation to wear masks. The group is also to report regularly to the federal government on the matter.

Grunen railroad expert matthias gastel complained that during his trips on long-distance trains he had "never once" noticed "railroad staff addressing passengers about their misconduct without masks". He demanded a "clear responsibility of the federal police", as the "suddeutsche zeitung" (monday) reported. In addition, the reservation system is to be changed to allocate seats at a distance, it said. Individual cars could be reserved for high-risk groups. Economy fare tickets should only be available for trains with low capacity utilization so as not to attract more passengers to trains that are likely to be full.

The GDL train drivers' union warned that enforcement of mandatory masks is now a massive problem. Especially when more passengers came again and corona trap increased, but it must be strictly adhered to. "Passengers are also always put off when there are mask refusers on the train, and they switch to cars," said GDL head claus weselsky. Among other things, the deployment of security personnel is necessary. On the other hand, more respect must be shown to train attendants.

On the question of bubgeld, the federal ministry of the interior explained that the respective state ordinances on the obligation to wear masks also apply in faraway places, which in some cases provide for sanctions in the event of death. It depends on where a train is traveling in the event of a death – the relevant authorities can be informed.

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