The asparagus raises its head

The asparagus raises its head

Now the asparagus season begins. That’s why asparagus farmer singer in hausen is already bustling with activity. "It’s starting early this year," says, sums up master farmer konrad singer, and his gaze wanders over the field covered with black film: "at the beginning of april, the last time we started pricking was maybe eight or nine years ago." His son daniel also remembers it well. "First the green asparagus sprouts from the ground, it is always a few days earlier than the white asparagus", he explains.

The 28-year-old is a trained horticultural technician specializing in horticulture. With his parents, he runs a small family business with direct marketing in hausen. In addition to fresh salads, chives, rhubarb and radishes now slowly starts to sell the weiben edelgemuse. In contrast to the green asparagus, the beds of the white asparagus are covered with film and fleece.

The price of asparagus depends on the yield. Around six euros a kilo of the "asparagus of one" with very good qualitat the customers will pay probably also in this year in singers bauernladen. Even if this year will start earlier with the pricking, the yield remains the same. "If we start earlier, we have to stop earlier", daniel singer explains the principle. Otherwise the plants will be damaged, and "that’s what you’ll plant next year".

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