19 New construction sites are being built on the “weinberg” in ebersdorf near coburg

19 new construction sites are being built on the

At its meeting on tuesday evening, the ebersdorf bei coburg town council unanimously decided to approve the development plan for the fourth construction phase, presented by planner udo weber, without any restrictions. Accordingly, 19 building plots will be created in a coarse of about 600 to 900 square meters.

Dirty water and rainwater are disposed of in the separation system. The road will have a regular width of 5.50 meters, with an additional sidewalk width of 1.50 meters. Some parking bays are foreseen. Weber did not consider additional compensatory measures to be necessary. The cost of the entire development project amounts to 896000 euros.

The most important questions from the castle assembly were answered by burgermeister bernd reisenweber (BG), without any resolutions having to be passed.

Hartmut lindner had pointed out the truck problems at the intersection of garnstadter-, zeickhorner- and querstrabe, which were caused by a half-lane closure. According to reisenweber, the necessary construction site signs in connection with the closure of the garnstadter strabe railroad crossing have been reviewed by the administration. Traffic should be made aware of the closure in good time, so that a new location for the barrier is not considered. Even the construction of a mirror did not increase traffic safety. The sight triangles there have been considered adequate.

Ebersdorf grows

Gunter schikora had mentioned at the burgers' meeting that more and more ten-ton trucks were driving through goritzenstrabe in the direction of grobgarnstadt. Reisenweber explained that the situation would change once the "birkleite" was open to traffic regulate again. However, should there be a need for the restriction afterwards, it will be reacted to.

The mayor announced that the population at the middle of 2018 was 6032, which is 74 more than in december 2017.

In 2018, 54 building applications had been submitted.

Christian ruttel takes up the post of the new director of the adult education center (VHS) coburg. He follows amrei renner, who was bid farewell, with the mayor also recalling 100 years of VHS. "This is a very great institution", he said.

Municipal consent was granted to ACD-bioenergie gbr for the new construction of a garbage storage container, a multi-purpose hall, a vehicle scale and a grain silo in grobgarnstadt. There were no objections to the change in the development plan of the neighboring municipality of sonnefeld and the construction of two solar parks on the A 73 in the area of the town of lichtenfels.

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