Advent pit from hallstadt

Advent pit from hallstadt

Dear mitburgers and customers

The tradesmen of hallstadt,

At christmas time it is quieter than usual. The peace that comes over the country at christmas, when the shops fall silent, the traffic on our roads becomes less,

Children, parents or grandparents are picked up from the train station, that’s a calmness we wish for on other days of the year as well.

A moment out of time, which has us so firmly in its grip on all the other days of the year. A moment of silence between the years.

The christians among us associate this silence with the peace that the christmas story promises us. I wish this moment for them and for all of us, a christmas moment that we can keep and cherish throughout the year.

Dear customers of hallstadt businesses, please remain loyal to us in the new year and support our business and our customers. Members of the trade association.

I ask you to support above all the businesses and stores in the center of hallstadt. Which in the current difficult situation by the redesign of the market place and the lichtenfelser strabe under the most difficult conditions maintain their operation.

Through your shopping behavior you can ensure the survival of these businesses.

I wish you on behalf of the business members of the trade association blessed christmas and a healthy new year 2019.

First chairman of the hallstadt trade association

Andreas friedmann

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