Data query at berlin police about bohmermann

Data query at berlin police about bohmermann

Another case of data interception has come to light at the berlin police, which plays a role in the investigation into right-wing extremist threatening letters and data intercepts from police computers. This time it’s about data of the prominent satirist jan bohmermann.

According to a statement from the police on friday, the query was made a year ago and had official reasons. Hesse’s justice minister eva kuhne-hormann (CDU) had mentioned the inquiry into bohmermann in connection with the investigation complex on thursday. The "frankfurter rundschau" had then published the 25. July of this year as date mentioned and added, on 1. August there was a threatening email from "NSU 2.0" had been sent to several addressees. The mail was not sent to bohmermann, but the letter "uses bohmermann’s address".

Now the berlin police declared that the "query of the registration address of a moderator" by a police officer had happened in july 2019 and not in july 2020. "According to the current state of knowledge, the check was carried out in an official context. The member of the berlin police force who conducted the check plausibly explained the reasons for the check."He is not being held as a suspect. Instead he is to have been questioned as a witness. The police further emphasized that since 2005, the reason for each query, the access code of the querier and the PC code have been stored.

According to the spokesman for the hessian ministry of justice, the frankfurt public prosecutor’s office learned on 17. August this year of it.

It recently became known that two berlin police officers had interrogated the data of a cabaret artist who was later also named "NSU 2.0" threatening letter received. This is to be achieved on 5. This may have happened on march 2019, the same day that a similar query was made at a police station in wiesbaden.

Several politicians and a frankfurt lawyer who represented victims’ families in the trial of the "national socialist underground" (NSU) murders received threatening letters, among other things. In some cases, personal data had previously been retrieved from police computers in frankfurt and wiesbaden.

In the investigations into right-wing extremist chats by police officers and threatening e-mails, there are now 25 proceedings against 50 suspects, according to hesse’s judicial system. Of 105 threatening letters 88 are assigned to the complex "NSU 2.0" attributed.

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