Forest art project opens in klagenfurt soccer stadium

Forest art project opens in klagenfurt soccer stadium

The art installation "for forest" consisting of 299 trees in the soccer stadium of klagenfurt (austria) officially opened its doors on sunday afternoon. Several thousand visitors came to see the project, which is intended as a monument against the destruction of nature and climate change.

The installation represents a mixed forest of birch, aspen, pedunculate oak, larch, wood pine and other trees, which is not often found in nature anymore due to widespread monocultures. This topic was addressed in the opening speeches, as were climate change and the destruction of the rainforest. Austria’s president alexander van der bellen pointed out in his pit message what a great effect art can have.

The project at the worthersee stadium, which has been planned for six years, is based on the drawing by the austrian painter max peintner "the unbroken attraction of nature. It shows a stadium full of spectators looking at a forest.

The art installation takes up the central question of whether the forest will soon only be admired as a show object like in a museum. "The timing is a bit scary for me. It’s so right on time," said swiss project initiator klaus littmann before the opening in view of climate change, slash-and-burn agriculture in the amazon, for example, and forest dieback.

The project was realized by swiss landscape architect enzo enea. The 50-year-old trees, which are about 15 meters high, come from tree nurseries. After the up to 27. October’s temporary installation is to be planted on a nearby plot of land in the same way as in the stadium.

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