In a dark dress on the runway

In a dark dress on the runway

Vanessa kummerer and janine kensche have stage fright. And you can have it too: after all, it's not every day you walk the catwalk as models. Normally, the 21 and 22 year old students prefer to design fashion rather than show it off. On thursday it was different, as the young women walked across the catwalk, in front of the eyes of many spectators. "We are excited, especially since we found out how long the runway is." This one actually snakes 52 meters across the former parcel hall at the disused guterbahnhof (good train station). Of course, you have to walk carefully and with concentration to avoid stumbling, and that takes skill. "We have previously "learned to walk, laughs janine, who still has to go to make-up quickly. The hair is already artfully toupeed, tousled and styled.

Dark partitions separate an area from prying eyes in the back of the hall. There, about eleven students prepare for the performance. The fashion show is celebrating its premiere at the design days, the first time collections by current students and graduates of the textile design course are presented. Martina ziegenthaler, professor of textile design, takes a few pieces from the clothing stand. The fabric sweater, she explains, looks as if the pieces have been bought and sewn together, but the production is much more complex. "All pieces are hand-knitted, hand-dyed and hand-printed." The fashion is unusual, with nice details, for example a transparent, light dress is finely embroidered and changes its color from cream to blue shimmering when exposed to light. Maximilian sendner studies textile design in the fourth semester and presents his label "9t3" on thursday before. His young sports line is 100 percent natural, recyclable and looks good – certainly not only on the hub models. When maximilian is not designing clothes, he spends his time in the salon "hairlife ola" and helps his friend and owner alexandra bednarek to style the customers.

On thursday maximilian and alexandra professionally do the models' hair, artfully put up their hair, straighten, curl, braid or crimp their hair and apply make-up to the models. While the young women pick out the right shoes and accessories, max calls out, "my models go barefoot." Of course, this also fits perfectly to the sporty line. The girls who are preparing behind the scenes for the presentation come from all faculties of the university. At 2pm sharp the show starts, in front of the catwalk the visitors have taken their seats, of course on designer chairs, which are covered with patterned fabrics, folded out of sturdy cardboard and put together of colorful plastics. Some visitors have their cameras ready to take pictures of the girls. A few more instructions and the girls walked confidently and under the applause of the spectators over the meter-long catwalk.

Perfect framework
The hall with the brick walls and half-timbered beams on the ceilings provides the perfect setting and contrast for a fashionable appearance. The audience is thrilled to see a wide assortment of supersaver clothes from sporty to extravagant, from elegant black evening dresses to beach outfits, from shorts or long knitted dresses to maximilian's trendy sportswear. "The clothes are individual but still wearable", says a young female viewer. This is demonstrated, for example, by janine kensche, who now strides across the catwalk, first in tight-fitting blue pants with a striped blouse and high sandals, later wearing a dark dress and going barefoot.

Smoothly and without a hitch
As on the rough stages of this world, the accessories and headdresses fit perfectly to the appearance of the actors. In the end there is a lot of applause for the designers as well as for the models. In the end, they are relieved that everything went smoothly and without a hitch. "The long walk was a bit stressful, but it was fun", says janine.

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