Painterly dialogue

Painterly dialogue

For the eleventh time, painter and graphic artist wolfgang schmidt publishes a watercolor calendar with motifs from franken. These motifs, mostly landscapes, views of places, plants and details, he set in a kind of "dialogue between mind and feeling in scene. Soll heiben: the extremely realistic depiction of, for example, structural objects is virtually framed by colorful watercolor structures.

The painter uses only the three basic colors yellow, red and blue for his pictures and mixes them to an infinite number of color variations. His working method is always the same: after the primer he paints the object, then follows the watercolor coverage. Schmidt goes on the prowl and keeps a lookout not only in his immediate surroundings, but everywhere he goes – but not for the usual, familiar motifs that locals and tourists alike like to see time and again. Old buildings, dilapidated walls and rather rare views are what interest the painter the most. For example, he found a shed covered with wood in the wallstrabe in forchheim. Likewise an old court in leidungshof. In wiesenthau schmidt was interested in the western view of the castle in the midst of autumn leaves.

"I want to get buildings and landscapes out of their dormancy", says schmidt. Unfortunately, it happens relatively often that they are just captured in his pictures before they are razed to the ground. Many of the views are then only witnesses of a long gone building culture.

The calendar is available at kunstatelier schmidt, hauptstrabe 32, 91336 heroldsbach or in bookstores in forchheim.

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