Traffic jam at the mt. Everest: crowds on the highest mountain on earth

traffic jam at the mt. Everest: crowds on the highest mountain on earth

The total number of deaths since the start of the main climbing season on the world’s highest mountain last week was seven, according to information from the tourism ministry of the himalayan state and mountain tour operators.

Observers said that some of the death traps could be related to the fact that too many mountaineers were trying to climb mount everest at once. This resulted in long waiting times at a dangerously high level of health risk.

A 33-year-old nepalese mountain guide collapsed on friday while climbing with a group and was flown down to base camp, according to his employer. There, doctors had only been able to determine the death of the man.

On wednesday and thursday, independently of each other, a 55-year-old american man, two indian women aged 53 and a 27-year-old indian man died during the descent from the summit of the 8848-meter-high mountain. All four had suffered from exhaustion according to reports from sherpas. In the previous week, an ire had died in an accident and an indian had been found dead in his tent.

Due to favorable weather, traffic jammed at the everest summit, especially on wednesday. More than 200 climbers tackled the summit. Earlier, heavy snowfall and fierce winds had delayed the beginning of the season. A photo of a mountaineer circulated on the internet showed a long snake on the "roof of the world".

Since the first ascent of everest in 1953, more than 5,000 people have made it to the summit of the mountain on the border between nepal and chinese-administered tibet. However, several hundred died in the attempt.

Due to the difficult weather conditions, the main season is limited to a few weeks in spring. For the permit, foreign climbers pay the equivalent of around 9000 euros. This time 375 permits were issued – the same number as in previous years. Last year there were five death traps on everest.

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