U.s. Defense minister criticizes china for cyber attacks

u.s. defense minister criticizes china for cyber attacks

Criticized on facilities in the U.S. The country is behind a long chain of cyberattacks, cyber espionage, sabotage and hacking attacks, hagel said at the shangri-la dialogue in singapore.

Chinese cyberattacks became a serious military concern. It must be cleared urgently and amicably, he adds at the international defense conference.

The pentagon chief called for more international dialogue on cyberattacks and closer cooperation on common rules to defuse conflicts. "The establishment of a general cyber working group that protects mutual interests and builds bilateral trust is the first positive step in calling for a U.S.-china dialogue on cyber warfare," hagel said. The U.S. Wanted to work more closely with china and other partners to establish international norms of responsible behavior in cyberspace.

U.S. Intelligence agencies rank cyberattacks even above terrorism as the main threat to the united states. As recently as march, u.S. Treasury secretary jack lew called on china’s new president xi jinping to stop cyberattacks against american facilities during his visit to peking.

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