Who will get the lowen?

"The lichtenfels training lowe is a great project that starts exactly where it is crucial for the upper franconian economy: the training of the next generation of skilled workers is an important topic for the future and one of the most elementary factors for every single company", district president henry schramm praises the action. He is pleased to be the patron of the competition, which is organized by the district. The starting signal was given by patron henry schramm together with the jury of neunkirchen, whose chairman is district administrator christian meibner. "The training lumen is intended to publicly recognize and reward top performance by local companies – a thank you to all the companies in the district that actively support the training of young people", explained the district administrator. The prize, which is endowed with a total of 4000 euros, is donated by the district of lichtenfels and by sponsors. It is awarded every two years – in 2019, for the 7th time. Mal. Since 2009, a total of 23 lowen sculptures have been awarded and 17 certificates presented, summarized district administrator meibner. Awards are given to the company with the highest number of apprenticeship places and the company with the best apprenticeship performance.

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