Discussion about police action in leipzig: gdp invites esken to attend

Discussion about police action in leipzig: gdp invites esken to attend

The police union (gdp) invited SPD leader saskia esken for a talk after she questioned the tactics of the leipzig new year’s eve operation. During the operation a police officer was attacked and seriously injured.

The gdp had reacted to esken’s doubts about the tactics with incomprehension. She now wants to inform the SPD leader about police work and violence against police officers, as it hieb in the invitation distributed on twitter. Esken accepted the offer.

Also via twitter she announced on saturday that the scheduling is ongoing. Prior to that, she had "a very good discussion" with gdp vice-chairman jorg radek and the gdp press office – on "perception and handling of emergency forces, on prevention and de-escalation of violence, on the personnel situation and equipment of the police and on parliamentary control of the executive," as she wrote.

During the new year’s eve operation in the alternative district of connewitz, the police officer was seriously injured by left-wing extremists, according to the assessment of the investigators. Esken had said afterwards: "for the sake of the police officers, it must now be quickly clarified whether the deployment tactics were appropriate."If the wrong tactics had put police officers in unnecessary danger, the responsibility for this lay with the saxon CDU minister of the interior, roland woller. It had been sharply criticized for this, among others by the CDU and FDP, but also by former SPD leader sigmar gabriel.

Gdp also voices criticism. "The discussion is being conducted in a completely wrong way. "You have to see the reason for the police action in order to understand the tactics," gdp deputy chairman radek told the "welt" newspaper. There had obviously been acts of violence in the connewitz district in the past, which had necessitated a strong police presence on new year’s eve.

Interior minister woller had rated the riots on friday as a "preliminary high point of violence and confrontations" in connewitz. The district is considered a stronghold of left-wing extremism in germany. The 38-year-old policeman had been attacked during an attempted arrest, according to police reports. According to this, his helmet was torn off beforehand. He reportedly suffered severe head injuries and required surgery, but was able to leave the hospital on friday. Investigated for attempted murder.

The saxon state criminal investigation office is now looking for witnesses. An LKA spokesman on saturday declined to say how many had come forward so far.

An anonymous letter was also included in the investigation, he said. The text with the title "reflections on the new year’s eve" was published on the left-wing internet platform "indymedia" on saturday night. In the letter there is talk of increasing police violence. In the direction of the police it says: "we refuse the dialogue with them, as long as they wear their uniforms."

Minister of the interior woller had announced that the police would continue to show presence in connewitz. The rule of law will use all means and possibilities at its disposal.

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