Enjoying together in coburg

Enjoying together in coburg

"We've been sweating up there since 8 o'clock", admits gudrun mockl of the office for food, agriculture and forestry. "We", she is joined by home economics teacher marianne rebelein, trainee teacher christiane brunner and nutritionists imken hornung, susanne munzenberger, sandra hopf and magdalena huber. And "up there is the kitchen in the school of the office in the goethestrabe. The result of the sweaty work: a "culinary event.

It was the "bavarian nutrition days", that moved gudrun mockl to give an impressive demonstration of how eating together can be. Your motto: "eat really well. At 11 a.M., a beautifully laid table was waiting for hungry guests in the garden of the office building. Children, employees of the authorities and partners of the network "young parents and families" as well as invited guests from politics took a seat in the shade of a mighty tree and marveled at what the nutritionists had conjured up on the table there.

"The main purpose of our project is to show that for a successful introduction of children to a healthy diet, the atmosphere at the dinner table plays a major role. An already set table with appetizingly prepared food and friendly family members not only guarantees more eating pleasure, but also promotes the climate of conversation within the family and thus performs valuable educational work", explains gudrun mockl.

Eating together once a day
Of course, it is not necessary to have a festive table in the garden or in the parlor every day be destroyed. The shared meal, the conscious savoring of food in the family community, should be possible at least once a day, says mockl.

There is a good reason why the nutritional counseling service wants to draw attention to the importance of such table rituals in families. According to a study of the technician health insurance company to the nourishing behavior in germany only the half of all households prepares daily a meal, runs in each fourth household the television/computer during the meal and each third under 25 finds it practical, itself besides on the way to nourish.

"Also these behaviors require the fact that 1.1 million children and adolescents in our country suffer from obesity and its multiple consequences", says gudrun mockl. In view of the harmonious coexistence between the exquisitely prepared vegetables, imaginatively spiced up lemon or carrot butter, fragrant meatballs, muffins and other delicacies, many people at the culinary event in the amtsgarten began to think about whether they shouldn't organize a meal together like this for their family and friends more often.

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