Hochstadt: aischpark-center provides jobs

Hochstadt: aischpark-center provides jobs

If you search the job boards for hochstadt an der aisch as a place to work, you’ll find a bit more job ads than usual. This is directly related to the fact that the countdown on the homepage of the aischpark-center keeps running towards zero. On 17. In october there will be a small opening party and the day after the official opening of the doors. By then, all businesses want to have their positions filled.

Michael peterding, project developer at klappan gmbh, which is jointly responsible for the center, reckons that 300 to 350 new jobs have been created. The most wanted job: salesman. From mattress retailers to supermarkets – they all need people who can get the goods to the customers. The retail chain woolworth, for example, is currently looking for a full-time, part-time and part-time salesperson via the job portal of the employment agency. Even the two shoe retailers deichmann and K+K schuh-center liked to have another salesperson in the team.

Difficult search

However, the search for workers is not always easy. Although dehner reports that all the positions in the new branch have been filled and that only temporary workers are still being sought, there are still vacancies elsewhere.

Rewe is currently represented with a particularly large number of advertisements. The new market in the aischpark center will be run by matthias zwingel. Some branches in the region already bear his name, for example in weisendorf. This made the reopening in hochstadt easier: "we have the advantage, of course, that we can start with a base of employees from the other markets." Some experienced workers have decided to move to the location of high city.

"Of course, there are also some young people in management positions who have been trained elsewhere for six or ten years", says zwingel. But especially in the service area – like at the meat counter or the lottery booth – the search for employees is complicated: "it’s a bit strange. We recently opened a store in wilhermsdorf, and that was no problem at all. We had a free choice."

The problem has already been brought to michael peterding of klappan gmbh’s attention by several new tenants: "hochstadt is in the fortunate position that not many people are looking for work." In fact, the unemployment rate for the entire county was only two percent in august.

It’s no easier when it comes to specialists: the horluchs hearing protection company is still looking for acoustics specialists for its new subsidiary. A spokesman for the company told the FT: "the market is empty". The shortage of skilled workers is hitting us hard." But that is independent of the location: "it is the same in nurnberg."

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