The whole village is renewed

The eggolsheim market will spend a good five million euros on village renewal in drugendorf. Kathrin niblein from the planning office barth and niblein presented the ideas and the status of the concept to both the community council and the drugendorfer residents in a castle meeting.

Before the sewer and water pipes in the main street can be replaced this year, a lot of preliminary work has to be done. In particular, through exchanges and contracts, the legal confusion of accesses from the rear land has been solved. This affected 40 to 50 properties. Care was also taken to ensure that all access roads are wide enough for agricultural vehicles.

A costly and time-consuming project is the restoration of the creek. The creek runs largely underground in the town center. This will also remain so because of the narrowness of the thoroughfare. The creek will be piped together with the fully defective sewer. But since this is a repair that is not eligible for funding, the municipality will have to pay around one million euros for it. Only about half of this will fall within the scope of the project, when the creek and surface water drainage from the main road are combined.

Niblein stressed that it is important for the town to have a continuous walkway. Parking spaces are created at the fountain, whose water is very popular. Others on the main road are eliminated; as a replacement, a flat area is created at the new kindergarten building, where a building once stood. A footpath through the village is also being built here.

Landlord wants to create a beer garden

A truck stop lane is being created at the fortsch brewery’s height. In their vicinity the owner wants to build a beer garden.

The village square is roughly designed; with a play area and a marquee. A bridge creates a link to the sports field.

Old forge bought

There the municipality has bought the old smithy and will also keep the bakery. At about the height of the church at the entrance to the cemetery, the demanded renewal area ends. Parking facilities are to be created in front of the old fire station.

"We are turning this drugendorf upside down", said mayor claus schwarzmann (BB) openly. This part of the community will be an equally rough "brummer like the transformation of the village center of neuses.

The community of participants and the office for regional development are also on board as grant providers. The rate is 60 percent because of the increased economic power; an additional five percent is added because eggolsheim is participating in an integrated rural development (ILE) process.

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