51-Year-old from the biker scene arrested

51-year-old from the biker scene arrested

In the course of thursday he will be brought before the investigating judge of the district court of aschaffenburg by order of the aschaffenburg public prosecutor’s office.

Already for some months police and public prosecutor’s office investigations run against the 51-year-old miltenberger. On the one hand, it is about the accusation of dangerous bodily harm, threats and copying to the detriment of his former companion in life. He is said to have beaten them several times in the past and in one case injured them with a coffee table. He also made threats against the young woman’s life, which he posted on the social network "facebook", among other places published.

The 51-year-old’s obvious potential for violence was also evident at this year’s miltenberg "laughing parade" on 9. February this year. Here he is said to have kicked a young woman, who was clearly physically inferior to him, in the head with his fub after an initially verbal argument, so that she lost consciousness for a short time. During his subsequent arrest, he resisted officers of the miltenberg police and was taken into custody. In the course of this, the police found a forbidden switchblade, which he had been carrying during the incident.

At the beginning of june, in consultation with the aschaffenburg public prosecutor’s office, officers of the aschaffenburg criminal investigation department took over further investigations against the 51-year-old. In the course of this, suspicions arose that the man was in possession of a sharp firearm. This increased the perception of the danger of the 51-year-old, who apparently wanted to intimidate his victims again and again with threats. For this reason, at the request of the aschaffenburg public prosecutor’s office, the aschaffenburg district court issued a warrant for the arrest of mark reuther, who already has a criminal record. In addition, a judicial search warrant was issued for two apartments in miltenberg and grobheubach, where the man is said to live.

On wednesday, the 51-year-old was finally arrested by officers of the miltenberg police. In the course of the search operation, in which the obernburg police and the aschaffenburg criminal investigation department were also involved, an illegal brass knuckle, a shotgun and several data carriers were seized, which now have to be evaluated by specialists. In particular, it is about the preservation of evidence of threats, which are alleged to have been committed by means of a cell phone or a computer. By order of the aschaffenburg public prosecutor’s office, the 51-year-old member of the "outlaws" is being held in custody presented to the examining magistrate on thursday afternoon for examination on the question of liability. The man has already appeared several times in the past, among other things, for violent offenses and had already been sentenced to prison in the past for such acts.