A derby to forget for grobbardorf

A derby to forget for grobbardorf

TSV grobbardorf – wurzburger FV 0:2 (0:1). Goals: 0:1 dennie michel (22.), 0:2 moritz lotzen (50.). While the players of the wurzburger FV rolled jubilantly on the turf of the grobbardorfer bioenergie arena and celebrated their derby victory, the home team stood by threatened, very often unbelievable head shaking was to be seen. "We had imagined it quite differently, said andreas lampert, the head of sports for the grabfeld galliers.

Yes, the home team had gone into this derby as favorites. But there was hardly any sign of it. "The first 20 minutes were still okay", found grobbardorf’s head coach andre betz. "Then, however, we were much too passive and no longer radiated any danger of scoring a goal. That was not a performance I can agree with." Despite the fact that captain stefan piecha and dominik zehe were again on board, two men who normally dominate the midfield play of the hosts. But they were also unable to set any accents in this derby.

The initial phase also resulted in the first of only two opportunities for bardorf in the first half. After a well-staged attack, goalkeeper simon snaschel was able to finish in the penalty area, but his shot was not well-placed enough to seriously embarrass former grobbardorf player christian dietz (4.). Then it lasted until 36. Minute, before dietz was challenged for the second time by a rutzel shot. After that, the work of the WFV keeper was practically over that day, because his front men love in the second half no more chance of the home side to.

"I had not suspected that I would be given so little to do. That is unusual for grobbardorf. The victory today was the right reaction after our defeats. We have shown that we can also win against teams from the top. It’s going to be a fun team evening in wurzburg", announced dietz. The good work of the defensive department was also praised by guest coach berthold gobel. "The defense has done a great job, stood especially in half-time two compact and safe and has allowed nothing more."

Far more dangerous were the guests, who took the lead after 22 minutes. After a rockert cross, valentin reitstetter involuntarily passed the ball to dennie michel, who beat TSV keeper julian schneider with a diving header into the far corner of the net. Since the guests then missed some opportunities, it remained until the break whistle of the sovereign referee markus pflaum from hallstadt at 0:1.

Another turnaround fails to materialize

With renewed vigor, the landlords came out of the cabin. "We wanted to equalize quickly and turn the game around", said betz. But the shot backfired. After an unnecessary foul almost on the eave line, moritz lotzen circled the free kick under the crossbar into the far corner. In the following period there was no rebuilding and also the morale, which had forced a draw after a two-goal deficit in the two previous games, was apparently broken by the second goal against on this used day for the bardorf team. So it was quite easy for the guests to bring their 2:0 advantage safely to the goal and the coach of grobbardorf, disappointed by his boys, had to admit: "today the better team deserved to win the game."

Grobbardorf: schneider – mangold, reitstetter, kirchner, poznic (63. Muller) – piecha, rutzel (46. Butcher) – rieb, zehe, reith (82. Spelt) – snaschel.