Art under chestnut trees

Art under chestnut trees

The park of gereuth castle will be particularly blooming again next weekend. At 14. Garden market on saturday and sunday garden exhibitors, craftsmen, live music and the beer garden await the visitors.
Exhibitors and organic herb growers will present a diverse range of planted stones, fragrant roses, rare plants, wild and medicinal herbs, exclusive flower bulbs, rare fruit trees, woody plants and perennials. "There will be a lot to discover again", promises organizer and lord of the castle rupert fechner. An almost forgotten craft is presented to a razor-sharp, sharpening the blades of knives that have been brought along and making them shine again.

300 year old plant

In between different artisans enrich the market. "With their objects, they can transform a garden or balcony into an individual world of experience."
The idyllic ambience of the 300 year old castle is unique. "A natural park with old trees and special animals", so the lord of the castle. Emus, alpacas, sheep and peacocks run around curiously and look forward to one or two stroking sessions.

There are new blood again?

"Our animals can be visited and fed with special food", reports rupert fechner and remembers a special highlight of the garden market. About two years ago at the same time alpaca boys had come into the world. "Maybe there will be new blood this year too." The younger guests can also prove their marksmanship by shooting a bow or take a break with their parents in the beer garden.
On sunday the "sonneberg jazzoptimists" invite to a concert from 11 to 15 o’clock to a jazzfruhschoppen invite.