Bar and dittmar: why don’t you ask at karstadt?!

Bar and dittmar: why don't you ask at karstadt?!

I am not a fan of sabine dittmar. I am certainly not a fan of dorothee bar. I am also not a fan of any other candidate for the federal election.

But I want to ask you: has the election already been held?? "Unfortunately yes, snore", makes sabine dittmar. "Who are you to talk to me??", says dorothee bar. "I am the president of main-rhon and feel called to higher things."

But i say to you: "do some election campaigning!"Or is that too much to ask of the two thorny thugs?? Until the federal elections on 24. September is not long away.

Sometimes here stumbled over the meadows of the construction site, sometimes there burdened a factory or a hedge economy. The veteran party hacks of the local associations were allowed to launch a few newspaper articles about it, and the newspapers let it happen without resistance as if they had been assimilated by the borg (wurg). Publishers, you are losing revenue. Why don’t you ask for money?

I’m imprinted with the kind of speech battles that willy brandt, helmut schmidt, franz josef straub, herbert wehner and helmut kohl used to fight. Things and ubel (there are no more?) must be called by its name, then follows the confrontation and the search for a good solution.

I want the dittmar to tell the bar what the bar is doing wrong and what the dittmar is doing right. I want the bar to pepper the dittmar the same around the ears. Make me the alexis. Makes me the J. R. – this is an election campaign.

And what do you do?. Your parties? Your commitment – watch out: – advertising agencies! What you do is advertising, but not election campaigning! Why do you do it? Why didn’t you become detergent saleswomen, if you care so much about advertising??

I think to myself: if you can’t campaign, you can’t fight conflicts. If you can’t settle conflicts, you can’t solve them either. If you can’t resolve conflicts, you can’t govern. He who cannot govern does not belong in the bundestag. Ask at karstadt!