Benefit concert for the new community center

Benefit concert for the new community center

During the fire of the former community center in the burned down paul-gerhardt-kindergarten, the praise and gospel choir "sound of faith" also suffered lost his shelter.

The instruments and amplifiers were stored in the youth room in the basement. This room was the only one built of stone and concrete. Miraculously, the choir’s requisites were not damaged by the water or the heat of the fire. Since then "sound of faith" has been rehearsing in the community hall in the herlas.

The singers and musicians are very keen to support the construction of the new community center directly opposite the church in mangersreuth. For months they have been preparing for a benefit concert.

Saturday, 18. May, at 6 p.M., encouraging songs with upbeat rhythms will resound in the mangersreuth church, singing of the power of faith and the joy of seeing a new kindergarten emerge from the ashes of the fire and a new community center nearing completion.

The concert will alternate between gospel and praise songs, including now very popular songs such as "jesus in my house", "I will follow him", but also quiet songs like "anchor in time" and "so rough is the lord".

In between, the conductor willi kleinschrodt will encourage people to become aware of the closeness of god, who is close to people not only in worship, but also in everyday life, with short meditative texts and thoughts. Admission to the concert is free. Voluntary donations for the community center are requested.