“Blaicher weihnacht” in monchshof

Paul daum of the medieval friends "burg augenglas seized the opportunity on saturday afternoon: while his club colleagues erected the stand, he built a snowman. A very special one – with a viking helmet on his head. On saturday something like this was still to be done. Yesterday the kulmbacher had bad cards: rainy dew weather loved the weibe pracht melt away.

The dingy weather ensured that, compared to previous years, there was no big rush of visitors at the blue christmas market. For many visitors, the umbrella was an indispensable companion on their stroll through the town, which had a christmas flair.

The organizers had prepared for the announced thawing weather. Already on thursday and friday, museum director bernhard sauermann from the bavarian brewery and bakery museum, event manager uli wagner and other helpers cleared snow diligently. "We didn't want people walking around in the mud", says sigrid daum, managing director of the museum. In addition, some of the 40 or so stands had been moved to the forecourt of the museum because it was easier to clear the snow from there.

Homely atmosphere

At 1 pm on the dot, the blue christ child savina foerster (9) comes riding high on horseback on her white horse rashid. "Today there are beautiful and precious things that will certainly give you a lot of pleasure", it buried the guests from near and far. This year, for the first time, wolfgang bohner from leuchau, who builds hand-carved cribs and crib accessories from wood, will be represented at the blaich. "I have been to many markets, but it is rare to experience such a homey atmosphere." Its carvings are an eye-catcher.

While some people are still admiring the nativity scenes, others are enjoying the high-percentage delicacies from oberlangenroth. "Hmm, does the egg liqueur taste rooty?." Leonhard forster from kulmbach gets another waffle cup from rosa jurkat. "The quince, with its flowery, pleasantly fruity taste, is very much in vogue this year.", tells jurkat, who offers a variety of fruit brandies at her stand.

Franziska wunderle strolls across the countryside with a small pointed hat on her head. What does the city of kronach, which is one of the regular visitors, appreciate about the market?? "Here you can find unusual things. Likore and pottery, for example, which not every christmas market has."

The stand of claudia pechschmidt and her sister monika pittroff is all about christmas: the former sells candles in the shape of gingerbread men and fir trees, the latter the holy family, made of red clay and coated with a gold glaze.

Amnesty international and bayern1

The blaicher weihnachtsmarkt also has a social component: with homemade gingerbread, decorated with the emblem "ai", the kulmbach group of amnesty international draws attention to its current signature campaign "the arab spring must not fade away" attention.

The members of the bayern 1 regulars' table from mainleus have a heart for needy children. Self-knitted socks, hooked baby shoes, self-made angels – all made by the members themselves for a good cause. The sales lots come from the "sternstunden" action of the bavarian radio station. Several choirs and the brass ensemble "wiesenttaler" provide for the festive sound. Visitors also flock to the museum, which has opened its doors.