Brose boss in bamberg: “we still have a lot to do here”

Brose boss in bamberg:

The second floor of the new social wing is very busy this thursday. Behind a glass wall, a group of women practice yoga figures. Several treadmills are in motion, a muscular man is banging balls at a circular target. Everyday life at the brose group health center in bamberg.

The automotive supplier has invested around 15 million euros in the two-story social building alone. Here, company doctors, physiotherapists and sports experts look after the physical well-being of brose employees.

Health management is part of the corporate strategy

Health management is an end in itself but not at brose. It's part of a corporate strategy, a philosophy: "we work in one of the toughest industries in the world. Success in business is never a matter of chance, in front of 80 invited guests, jurgen otto, chairman of the executive board, described what drives the brose group. Otto speaks of "top performance, which has to hold its own worldwide, is controlled from the cathedral city.

Bamberg now also plays an important role in the brose world. The entire data management of the company, which operates in 23 countries, is controlled from the cathedral city. Huge amounts of information flow through computers. Global purchasing is also at home in bamberg. And where two and a half years ago the plarrer was still sounding the alarm, today the specialists are tinkering with product innovations designed to make driving even more comfortable and inviting: for example, the self-adjusting safety belt.

Andreas starke speaks of the most important decision in the business location of bamberg for years

Bamberg's local politicians marveled at the transparent company building. From the outside, you can hardly guess what kind of three-story foyer it contains. Above all, mayor andreas stark (SPD) could feel confirmed on this day. He spoke of the most important decision made in bamberg as a business location in years.

If you believe jurgen otto, this is just the beginning; "we still have a lot to do, worldwide and here on site", said the company leader – and the applause was not long in coming.