Burger is concerned about the shortage of doctors

Burger is concerned about the shortage of doctors

The head of the village again sought talks with the two doctors who are planning to relocate their practice to bad bocklet. "This decision is probably final", says bug today. Since there will only be two practices left in the market town, whose operators "have already reached retirement age", he explains, a successor must be found. "We went to the medical association and got advice", he explains.

There one had informed first of all about the fact that it is difficult to find at all family doctors, all the more so for the rural area. The reasons are the high bureaucratic costs associated with this profession and the burden of on-call duties. In addition, a large proportion of the doctors are now female. According to bugs, however, several women plan to work part-time and therefore do not want to take over a complete practice. Nevertheless, one will actively look for doctors in the market burkardroth "among other things with advertisements", the mayor added.

While the local discussions had only taken place in wollbach and zahlbach, there were mayor’s meetings in all twelve villages of the market. "The run may not be as rough as it was at the beginning", says bug "but everywhere there was a need for discussion." Between two and six people had sought the individual interview each time.

Afterwards, if necessary, site visits took place. In oehrberg, katzenbach, lauter, stralsbach and gefall, the cemeteries were the main places visited. The main focus was on burial options for the urns. Bug had wanted to know from the burgers which of four possibilities they were considering. The remaining options are urn walls, individual urn towers or urn tubes with stems. The planning office dietz and partner (engenthal) will prepare cost estimates for this and present them. Next step was then an architect contract.

Waldemar bug would like to hold on to the civic discussions in the individual parts of the town in the next year as well. "I have noticed that there is a need to talk to the mayor." And the hour after with the local insights have also preserved – especially when questions, as this year to the friedhofen, are in the room. In premich they had also talked about a path that is affected by land consolidation. "Let’s see what the topic will be next year", adds the mayor.