Buses to be identifiable as vgn vehicles in the county in future

Buses to be identifiable as vgn vehicles in the county in future

In the future, the buses that run through the district of habberge in the nurnberg region (VGN) will be clearly recognizable.

As part of the local transport plan, the district council has decided on a uniform design for all new public buses to be purchased by the transport companies. A pioneering role is played by the transport company "bengel-reisen" in wonfurt, which designed the first bus as specified in the colors weib-grun as well as with the logo of the VGN and the district habberge, as the district office in habfurt communicated. The manager horst bengel presented the result to the district administrator wilhelm schneider on tuesday. The district administrator was enthusiastic about the implementation: "this looks very good. The design is successful all around."

New logo, new perspective

The county hopes that the uniform design of the building will increase the use of public transport. Until now, it was not uncommon for people to think that the buses operating in the habberge district were school buses that were not accessible to the rest of the population. One of the factors contributing to this view was the fact that many of the opnv’s routes use buses with a design that is determined solely by the appearance of the respective transport company.

According to the authorities, this will now change as the new buses gradually receive the new design. "Then an official bus is also perceived as such", according to the district administrator, who hopes for many imitators