Car dealership may expand

The members of the building and environment committee had already given their approval for the expansion of the mazda car dealership bayer in gobweinstein below the edeka market and the amendment of the development plan "stempferhof-buchenstock-steinacker" with the corresponding exemptions decided.

However, the legal supervisory authority at the district office of forchheim has now pointed out that the exemptions granted do not apply because this is not a commercial but a residential area.

A commercial area in the immediate vicinity of a residential area was also not permissible, the district office stated. However, the land of the car dealership is already shown as a commercial building site in the flat land use plan. The market town council now unanimously decided to convert the general residential area into a commercial area to enable the car dealership owner to expand his car dealership.

The flat area on which the new lidl market has stood for a long time is still designated as a residential area – just like the flat area on which the old lidl market stood and which now only accommodates the branch of the wehrfritz butcher store. The former will now be a "special flat", the latter is to become a commercial area with special construction area.

The land use plan with integrated landscape plan in karl-bruckner-strabe in gobweinstein, where a developer wants to build in the previous auben area, is also changed.