Corona sequence: the free school in kronach is paid for

Corona sequence: the free school in kronach is paid for

Everything currently revolves around the issue of "corona". Only a few people have the kronach festival on their minds. At least the beginning in august still seems far away. But decisions for the popular folk festival can’t wait for the last printer. And so the first guardian of the guardian society of kronach, jorg schnitzler, is already assuming that the popular folk festival will not take place this year. But the free state has the last word, he says.

When schnitzler looks at the situation realistically, he sees free-sliding on shaky ground, he explained. The measures that are supposed to help protect the population, and in his view are also the right ones, have been getting out of hand in recent weeks. But as long as the peak of the pandemic has not been reached, he cannot think about the folk festival, says the guardian master. If the peak of the corona crisis is not reached until the end of june or the beginning of july, as is sometimes predicted, there will no longer be a permit for the pushover anyway, he speculates.

The first cancellations

Normally in may the annual meeting of the kronach schutzen takes place in the schutzenhaus with honoring of deserving schieben sportsmen and women. In the past years, the seats in the small hall were almost completely filled. At this meeting there was always a look back and a look forward to the coming free-sliding season; the mood was one of anticipation. Due to corona, not only this event but also all sporting competitions have already been cancelled. The sliding stand is closed. Training and pushing sports came to a standstill. And in the guardian house no events take place since the middle of march.


5 Reasons why markus soder should be the candidate for chancellor

5 reasons why markus soder should be the candidate for chancellor

Markus soder as the union’s candidate for chancellor in 2021? During angela merkel’s visit to a meeting of the bavarian cabinet, markus soder refused to sign a placard "markus soder candidate for chancellor? Yes" it read. But that was only a bad thing, said the minister-president.

Nevertheless, the question remains: will soder be considered as the next chancellor?? Here are five reasons why this is the case.

1. According to the polls, the majority is in favor of soder as the candidate for chancellor

The corona crisis has caused markus soder’s poll ratings to soar: in the ZDF political barometer out of 10. July, 64 percent considered the CSU leader to be a suitable candidate for the chancellorship – in march, the figure was 30 percent. So he seems to be the favorite by far, followed by olaf scholz of the SPD in second place with 48 percent. The opposing votes from the political barometer are also interesting, because here too, soder comes off best, with only 27 percent of respondents who do not see him as suitable as chancellor. Scholz, on the other hand, has almost as many opponents as supporters: 44 percent consider him unsuitable.