Benefit concert for the new community center

Benefit concert for the new community center

During the fire of the former community center in the burned down paul-gerhardt-kindergarten, the praise and gospel choir "sound of faith" also suffered lost his shelter.

The instruments and amplifiers were stored in the youth room in the basement. This room was the only one built of stone and concrete. Miraculously, the choir’s requisites were not damaged by the water or the heat of the fire. Since then "sound of faith" has been rehearsing in the community hall in the herlas.

The singers and musicians are very keen to support the construction of the new community center directly opposite the church in mangersreuth. For months they have been preparing for a benefit concert.


Rally in moscow against police and pressure on media

rally in moscow against police and pressure on media

Instead of the thousands of demonstrators expected, only a few hundred russians protested in moscow on sunday against the will of the police and pressure on journalists.

The future of civil society is at stake here, said the head of the russian journalists’ association, vladimir solovyov. However, instead of the 20 announced.000 attendees, only about 1600 people came to tsakharov prospect, according to the police. The reasons for the unexpectedly low response were initially unclear.

Pro-kremlin forces also came to the rally, which tends to repel the traditional audience for such events. Also the opposition platform namarsh.Ru, who reports about protests of dissatisfied people, first had the announcement on her side, but later not anymore.


May: suspects in skripal case are probably russian agents

May: suspects in skripal case are probably russian agents

Two russian agents allegedly perpetrated the poison attack on former russian spy sergei skripal. British prime minister theresa may announced that.

Earlier, police and prosecutors had released mugshots and names of two russian suspects. Alexander petrov and ruslan boschirov now wanted on international arrest warrant. However, the british police assume that these are not the real names of the two men.

According to may, they are members of the russian military intelligence service GRU, for which skripal was also once active. She again blamed the kremlin for the attack. "This was not an unauthorized operation. It was almost certainly sanctioned outside the GRU by higher ups in the russian state," the head of government told parliament in london. Moscow accuses them of "obfuscation and lying.


“Dream of my dreams” – kerber writes summer tales

This time, angelique kerber writes the summer marathon for germany. On the weekend when the german sports scene was about to celebrate the world championship title with the national soccer team, the 30-year-old from kiel immortalized herself in tennis history and won wimbledon.

"It was the dream of my dreams. That will stay forever. I can always say now that I’m wimbledon champion," says kerber after her coup over serena williams. Kerber is the first german to triumph since steffi graf in 1996, and only the third german ever to do so.

On sunday, she is particularly looking forward to the champions dinner in the evening, which she has previously only known from television. "I must have tried on 50 dresses," she says, describing her tricky fashion fitting. In the end, she chose a dress that was "very elegant and very simple". "This is wimbledon for me."


Drinking water is running out in steinfeld

Drinking water is running out in steinfeld

Actually, the households in the stadelhofen district of steinfeld have no reason to be dissatisfied with their water supply. "The quality is very good, we have never had any problems so far", emphasizes mayor ludwig gohl. Since its own deep well was drilled in the 1960s, it has been supplying people with the best drinking water. Previously, there were domestic wells and, of course, the wiesent spring. But now the local network is becoming weaker and weaker – pipe bursts are repeatedly causing the precious water to become scarce.
Water keeper martin barth therefore checks the high reservoir of the plant every day. He can tell from the glass blocks that have been grouted into the building what the supply situation is like. "When brewing takes place, consumption is much higher and the water level is much lower. If there is no brewing and the level drops, it is an alarm signal", says the experienced expert. Because then the probability is high that a leak has occurred somewhere in the local network. And then the water becomes scarce.

Payer changed

Mayor gohl gives some figures. "Per year the water supply steinfeld demands about 28 000 cubic meters of water, about 85 per day. The average consumption is 25 000, which is a good 80 cubic meters per day". This shows that when pipes burst, drinking water can quickly become scarce, because five to ten cubic meters can run out quickly. In order to get correct figures, the payers have already been changed in the past years. "They can also be a problem. Elsewhere, therefore, one has even sold more water than according to the payers of the O have been drawn". There the payer was replaced "now it fits", says gohl. But back to steinfeld. Twice this year we had to cope with pipe bursts, both on house lines. Once in spring, then again six weeks ago. Both times it took a few days to locate the leaks, the water flowed out and was no longer sufficient. In both cases, water had to be supplied by tankers of a private company from the local network of the long-distance water supply (O) located downstream. "The first time it was about 60 cubic meters, the second time about 75", says martin barth. This was enough to get by until the breaks were located and repaired. In one case, an iron pile hit the line during construction work, in the other case the cause is unknown. But of course, such rescue operations should not be permanent. That is why the municipality of stadelhofen is thinking about ways to remedy the situation. "We quickly notice breaks in the main line, but it's difficult to locate house lines, according to the head of the community. At the moment, the water from the deep well is first pumped into the local network, and the overflow flows into the elevated tank. This sequence could be reversed. However, some fear that the water pressure in steinfeld will then drop. However, the current eight to ten bar is not considered too high, nor is it the cause of the pipe bursts.


Relegation final as bundesliga final act – fight for europe

relegation final as Bundesliga final act - fight for europe

On the last matchday, the fubball-bundesliga experiences a relegation final as a long-distance duel between hamburger SV and vfl wolfsburg. For the HSV are the chances to avoid the first fall into the 2. League still to avoid, but after the 0:3 in frankfurt dropped dramatically.

League also draws suspense from race for final european cup berths ahead of season finale.

WUNDERGLAUBE: HSV’s bundesliga clock still ticking. But with a two-point gap to vfl wolfsburg, the hamburgers will need a small football miracle next saturday to avoid relegation for the first time. The north germans can only be helped by a win against borussia monchengladbach while helping relegated kolner to wolfsburg. "We know that a lot is possible in fubball. Everyone still believes in it," assured HSV coach christian titz.


The whole village is renewed

The eggolsheim market will spend a good five million euros on village renewal in drugendorf. Kathrin niblein from the planning office barth and niblein presented the ideas and the status of the concept to both the community council and the drugendorfer residents in a castle meeting.

Before the sewer and water pipes in the main street can be replaced this year, a lot of preliminary work has to be done. In particular, through exchanges and contracts, the legal confusion of accesses from the rear land has been solved. This affected 40 to 50 properties. Care was also taken to ensure that all access roads are wide enough for agricultural vehicles.

A costly and time-consuming project is the restoration of the creek. The creek runs largely underground in the town center. This will also remain so because of the narrowness of the thoroughfare. The creek will be piped together with the fully defective sewer. But since this is a repair that is not eligible for funding, the municipality will have to pay around one million euros for it. Only about half of this will fall within the scope of the project, when the creek and surface water drainage from the main road are combined.


Unterpreppacher lose the basement derby against grub

With a 2:2 at SV bosporus coburg (11.) have the fubballer of the TV ebern (10.) the 14. Matchday in the coburg/lichtenfels district league completed. The TSV pfarrweisach (12.) lost to FC weidhausen (4.) with 0:2. The spfr. Unterpreppach (15.) lost the basement derby against TSV grub (13.) with 2:5. TSV pfarrweisach – FC weidhausen 0:2 (0:1)

Deservedly the guests from weidhausen snatched the "threesome. They had a slight advantage in terms of play, while the team from pfarrweisach had to play this encounter with strong substitutes. In addition, the FC eagle helped the quick drive by daniel jahn in the 9. Minute. The home team tried to succeed with long balls, but nothing worthwhile came out of it, especially since the decisive pass did not arrive – and when it did, TSV missed the opportunity. Even after the change little changed in the course of the game. Without much rest the gaste continued to control the game, and after the 0:2 by daniel jahn (67.) the match was decided early. Spfr unterpreppach – TSV grub am forst 2:5 (1:2)

After a balanced initial phase, the guests from grub took more and more control of the game and also came within 17 minutes of the end of the match. Minute to drive through brehm. But almost in the counterattack fell the equalizer by ludewig. After half an hour bohlein scored the 1:2. The opening minutes of the second period belonged to the sports fans, who were able to quickly equalize through fromm (47.) came, but thus had shot their powder. The guests now intensified their attacking efforts and created numerous opportunities, which in the final quarter of an hour also led to the deserved success. The other scorers were bohlein (76.), stoblein (85.) and brehm (90.). SV bosporus coburg – TV ebern 2:2 (1:1)


“Blaicher weihnacht” in monchshof

Paul daum of the medieval friends "burg augenglas seized the opportunity on saturday afternoon: while his club colleagues erected the stand, he built a snowman. A very special one – with a viking helmet on his head. On saturday something like this was still to be done. Yesterday the kulmbacher had bad cards: rainy dew weather loved the weibe pracht melt away.

The dingy weather ensured that, compared to previous years, there was no big rush of visitors at the blue christmas market. For many visitors, the umbrella was an indispensable companion on their stroll through the town, which had a christmas flair.

The organizers had prepared for the announced thawing weather. Already on thursday and friday, museum director bernhard sauermann from the bavarian brewery and bakery museum, event manager uli wagner and other helpers cleared snow diligently. "We didn't want people walking around in the mud", says sigrid daum, managing director of the museum. In addition, some of the 40 or so stands had been moved to the forecourt of the museum because it was easier to clear the snow from there.


Car dealership may expand

The members of the building and environment committee had already given their approval for the expansion of the mazda car dealership bayer in gobweinstein below the edeka market and the amendment of the development plan "stempferhof-buchenstock-steinacker" with the corresponding exemptions decided.

However, the legal supervisory authority at the district office of forchheim has now pointed out that the exemptions granted do not apply because this is not a commercial but a residential area.

A commercial area in the immediate vicinity of a residential area was also not permissible, the district office stated. However, the land of the car dealership is already shown as a commercial building site in the flat land use plan. The market town council now unanimously decided to convert the general residential area into a commercial area to enable the car dealership owner to expand his car dealership.