Corona sequence: the free school in kronach is paid for

Corona sequence: the free school in kronach is paid for

Everything currently revolves around the issue of "corona". Only a few people have the kronach festival on their minds. At least the beginning in august still seems far away. But decisions for the popular folk festival can’t wait for the last printer. And so the first guardian of the guardian society of kronach, jorg schnitzler, is already assuming that the popular folk festival will not take place this year. But the free state has the last word, he says.

When schnitzler looks at the situation realistically, he sees free-sliding on shaky ground, he explained. The measures that are supposed to help protect the population, and in his view are also the right ones, have been getting out of hand in recent weeks. But as long as the peak of the pandemic has not been reached, he cannot think about the folk festival, says the guardian master. If the peak of the corona crisis is not reached until the end of june or the beginning of july, as is sometimes predicted, there will no longer be a permit for the pushover anyway, he speculates.

The first cancellations

Normally in may the annual meeting of the kronach schutzen takes place in the schutzenhaus with honoring of deserving schieben sportsmen and women. In the past years, the seats in the small hall were almost completely filled. At this meeting there was always a look back and a look forward to the coming free-sliding season; the mood was one of anticipation. Due to corona, not only this event but also all sporting competitions have already been cancelled. The sliding stand is closed. Training and pushing sports came to a standstill. And in the guardian house no events take place since the middle of march.

The current situation already has economic consequences for the schutzengesellschaft kronach, says schnitzler. He looks ahead: "if the free shove should be canceled, then we have massive pigeonholes!" And schnitzler is counting on them.

As he explained to the frankischer tag, measures already planned for 2020, such as the optimization of the protection against larvae in the shelters, the modernization of the sliding stands or the installation of electronic sliding stands, have been postponed indefinitely. The tenants of the schutzenhaus, who are now looking for a way to sell steaks and sausages, have also been accommodated by the schutzengesellschaft.

It’s about the health of the visitors

"I am very concerned about the health of the citizens and the economic situation", notes schnitzler. He speaks of the fact that a virus could be spread quickly, especially at such a large festival as the "freischieben", which attracts thousands of visitors to kronach every year. Therefore, the question of whether or not to clear the road is not a matter of debate?" Ultimately, to take into account the health of the population.

Schnitzler continues to think about the breweries, the bands and the exhibitors. These are still hoping for the kronach free slide. In other cities, coarser events, such as the spring festival in nurnberg, have already been canceled. For some exhibitors it is simply a matter of existence.

As the guardian further explained, there are in some cases long-standing contracts with exhibitors, breweries and music bands. All contracts for this year are also signed and sealed. Should the ban of the rough events on the part of the state be maintained until mid august, however, the schutzengesellschaft kronach is out of liability.

Jorg schnitzler talks regularly with his colleagues on the board of management, despite the limited opportunities due to the virus and the contact ban. Communication is via skype or team viewer. Those responsible exchange ideas, discuss the situation and take a risk.

Dispute settled – next obstacle looms

Schnitzler admits that the situation surrounding the festival is sometimes strange. Now, of all times, when the dispute that had been going on for years between a local resident and the guardian’s company has been officially ended by an agreement, the free sliding is once again in jeopardy. Nevertheless, he is grateful that an amicable solution has now been reached with the resident. The opening hours would remain the same as last year.

As the current situation stands, however, this will not be relevant this year anyway. Nevertheless, there is a little hope in schnitzler’s voice when he adds: "maybe the restrictions will bring the desired success after all."

Peter munch hopes so too. With his "wild mouse the showman has often been present in kronach for the free push. Normally, he is on the road in the country from easter to october, he says. This year everything is different, the mood in his industry is catastrophic. "Many livelihoods are at stake."