“Everything done right”


In kronach, the courageous decision to allow the rosenberg festival to take place paid off. The members of the tourism and city marketing committee breathed a sigh of relief when kerstin low drew a small conclusion. But there are other challenges waiting to be met.

Mayor angela hofmann ( CSU ) summed up the decision as follows: "when we made the decision, we considered various concepts. We planned very carefully, now we can say: we did everything right."

"Everybody" is completely sold out, only for "ladies night" a few seats are still free. According to hofmann, the children's stuccowork is also very well received. The artistic director anja dechant-sundby is doing a good job. You can tell by the enthusiasm of the spectators. "People are just grateful that some things are possible again," said angela hofmann.

Kerstin low, head of tourism and events, summed it up in even more detail: "the festival was the starting shot for everything that was to come, and it was a precision landing. And after the pre-sale started very weak, we have now even added an extra week to it." The bring not only additional performances, but also a "everyone at night" in a late performance from 22.30 o'clock. It was to be exclusive and impressive, promised kerstin low. In any case, ticket sales for all performances have been much better than expected. "We sold 1400 more tickets than we had calculated. There are only about 180 spectators allowed per performance and only one third of the tribune may be occupied."The costs for the mehrauand are now to be compensated by government grants. The money for this could come either from the state or from the federal government. "That way we could end up with zero," hopes low.

From the festival to the other events, it was only a small arc. Low: "we are still dragging a rat's tail of postponed events behind us and have to see what else will be possible in the fall."The plans include, for example, a city and summer market in the city center, a rose and garden market at the fortress, the frankenwald marathon without coarse catering, the chamber theater days and a christmas market at the fortress .

For all the efforts, it is also about the expansion of the markets and the expansion of the assortment. "We want to help the specialized trade and the gastronomy", angela hofmann explained the procedure. "This is the contribution that the city of kronach can make."

Lucas cranach year 2022

Museologist alexander sub gave a preview of lucas cranach year 2022. In this context, he raved about an "attractive high-culture project". The exhibitions, concerts, lectures and the cooperation with different associations and institutions should make the year special.

Even before the actual meeting, all members of the committee were at the rosenberg fortress . You got there already a feeling for the construction section at the southern east wing. The is just rusty and gets a new roof. Construction manager torsten strube was optimistic that this task will be completed by the end of july/beginning of august.

Other than in the interior construction. A seminar room is being built on the first floor and additional hotel rooms upstairs. But: "we have come a long way. We expect to be finished by the end of august."