Falco: a genius of pop history returns to the stage

Falco: a genius of pop history returns to the stage

The most successful performance about an inwardly torn musical genius goes into the third round: on wednesday, 6. February, at 8 p.M. The performance "falco" makes a guest appearance in the concert hall bamberg. The successful production goes on rough tour through germany, austria and switzerland for the third time.

"I am immortal only when i am dead!" – around these gloomy, foreboding words the musical-homage to one of the rough geniuses of german pop- and rap-history is based. On 6. February 1998 johann "hans" passed away holzel. Under his stage name and his alter ego "falco at that time he had long since made it to world fame.

The tragic car accident in the dominican republic in 1998 also marks the beginning of the biography "falco". According to the organizers, the two-hour live experience has already thrilled more than 250,000 visitors and takes them on a journey through the most striking stages in the life of this remarkable musician. This powerful and eccentric biography provides a deep insight into the thoughts and feelings of the artist and the person behind the dazzling pop icon. A person who savored life to its limits and went through many highs and lows – even to the point of self-destruction. The allegorical figures "jeanny" and "ana conda" mark the tornness of the exceptional musical talent between the arrogant-egomaniac world star and the vulnerable-grubby hans holzel.

Of course, in the performance will not be missing all the big hits and also some unjustly forgotten titles of the "falcon" live on the stage and get through shrill and extravagant

New life breathed into dance performances. The song selection ranges from the early days to "all of vienna" and "the commissioner but the big hits like "vienna calling" mark the, "jeanny" and "out of the dark to impressive titles such as "emotional and "europe. Of course, the world hit "rock me amadeus" may also be performed will not be missing. The only german song in music history to reach the top of the u.S. Billboard charts to date. According to wikipedia, falco has sold over 5.8 million records in his career, 3.7 million of them in germany alone.

For an authentic and eccentric realization on stage, besides the world’s best falco-actors, the live-band under the direction of falco’s former bandleader thomas rabitsch, the advice of falco’s former manager horst bork as well as dancers, actors, spectacular choreographies, artful projections and original-video sequences are providing. Tickets are available at the known points of sale.