Girls conquer the world of men

Girls conquer the world of men

Julia does not find it disgusting here at all. She has also long since become accustomed to the smell. After all, she has been here since 7 a.M. That is why she already knows so much about it. She confidently puts on her blue protective gloves and grabs the crested mug with the four-meter-long handle. Carefully, she takes a sample from the brown wastewater that flows past her in the clear basin.

Other girls and boys must have been scared off from afar. Julia does not. On the contrary. The 13-year-old from reiterswiesen chose the clear facility in bad kissingen herself to attend the girls'& to spend boys' day.

But why actually? "Clearworker is an exciting profession, and i wanted to know what it's like. Also because there are not so many women here", grins julia. And she is right. In fact, she is the only young lady among all the men and stands out twice in her pink jacket. "There is not a single woman working in the wastewater department of the clearing plants", regrets department head alexander pusch. Julia was a little uneasy at first: "it's funny to be alone among men. But they are all funny, and I have to laugh a lot."
At the moment julia visits the 7. Class of the anton-kliegl-middle school in bad kissingen. She does not yet know whether she can imagine taking on the job in the future. But she doesn't want to give it up. But now it's time for an inspection tour, during which all the cleaning processes of the system are checked in detail every day.

A head for heights on the career ladder

Meanwhile vanessa and bianca from nudlingen are already sweating. Brave and a bit excited, they take one step after the other – steeply upwards. After all, it's not every day that you reach a dizzying height of 30 meters. For the girls'& boys' day they have chosen the roofing company beck from haard. Together with roofer marco beck, they climb up the scaffolding of the mabbach church, where the roof is currently being replaced. "Awesome", twelve year old vanessa is happy, she makes it all the way to the top and is thrilled. Concentrated attaches a few slate tiles to the church tower. Proudly enjoying the view. Bianca, 13, on the other hand, is not able to do it because of her fear of heights. Bravely she stays a little further down. "As a roofer, you not only have to be free from giddiness. You also have to be able to do math and physical labor," says, beck explains the cornerstones of the job.

The girls, both of whom attend the schlossberg elementary school, got a taste of that. Before they went up on the roof, they had many roof battens said, measured and attached to a model for practice in haard. With a folding rule and pencil in their pocket, they already look like real professionals. "But maybe I want to be a hairdresser", bianca was still thinking before she climbed on top of the church. Now the decision won't be difficult for her anymore.