Impressive speed and rapidity

impressive speed and rapidity

Who at the last "picture of the month had bet on action at the michelau photo club, he was spot on with it. Although the compulsory theme "the three" implied not mandatory, but the judges were impressed by the tempo and speed of the game.
Already at the sighting run it was clear that the reception "arabs" by helmut kober the race was made. She showed in gripping sharpness a north african rider trio in the whirling dust and in full gallop towards the viewer.
A "battle of the larks the nature photographer herbert steiner had captured in his picture, with which he took the second place. In the spring, the brass have their aggressive territorial fights. The fighters try to drive each other away, the water splashes away in all directions and their screams turn the calm lake into a fighting arena.
As with all the pictures this evening, klaus gagel had three objects or creatures in the picture. "Three dogs the photographer called his picture, on which three dogs swept over a meadow in a race and in a playful quarrel about a rope.
While all three authors shone with their individual pictures, the actual winner of the evening’s competition, birgit kirster, was the one to beat. She placed fourth with two of her photos and fifth with the two remaining photos. In the sum of the individual scores, she was thus ahead of her male competition. All the above photos can be viewed on the homepage of the michelau photo club. Kag