“They lie like printed”

There was a lot of hustle and bustle at the annual general meeting of the CSU local association in neudrossenfeld. The focus was on the atmosphere in the municipal council, especially bjorn sommerer was heavily scolded. Mayor harald hubner, who is also the chairman of the local association and usually tends to keep a low profile, became quite agitated.
"It is difficult to find a consensus; the political opponent often polarizes in order to bring unrest into the committee. The FUG is only interested in interest politics", said hubner. And former local councilor dieter bauernfeind went one better: "they are lying through their teeth. As an example, I cite the arguments in the referendum against the building area dreschenauer strabe." One must give the "prevented burgermeister" also times in the open meeting paroli offer, the other rate should already times directly position take and the half-truths point out.
Also councilor silvia eichner did not make a morder pit out of her heart. She said that they are even defamed in the municipal council and no one says anything against it. She advised the CSU members to go to a meeting to see how things are done there.
Gerd schertel wished that the CSU faction would be more self-confident and not put up with everything. Conclusion of the CSU discussion: the community and the mayor must defend themselves against false allegations and the head of the town council should show more clearly what he has achieved so far and that the FUG has not really made a difference.
The local association chairman pointed out numerous events together with the local women’s union, such as the participation in the drossenfeld christmas and the christmas tree collection. He criticized the lack of CSU internet presence, which must be greatly improved. He also solicited new members, especially younger people, and thanked councillors otmar preubinger and georg waldmann for the posters on the occasion of the federal election campaign.
The problems of young people in the local associations were discussed by FU district chairwoman brigitte soziaghi, and local FU chairwoman marion weidner informed that the group will set up a park bench next to the bookcase she had initiated. Tim rettner, silvia eichner, otmar preubinger and harald hubner were elected as delegates for the district assembly of representatives for the european elections in 2019.
Sabine schertel and tim rettner were honored for ten years of loyalty, adolf muller has already been a member for 35 years. Hubner’s final sentence: "we can look positively ahead because of the good municipal finances"." Horst wunner


Children build their own city

Children build their own city

You seldom see so many hard-working children in one pile. 80 children between the ages of ten and 14 create their own little town on the land of the awo challenge center in hannes-strehly-strabe. With the support of around 20 volunteer supervisors from the district youth organization of the arbeiterwohlfahrt, they were allowed to realize all their ideas here until saturday. They say and drill, paint and text, study and organize their daily lives independently.
The head of klein-kulmbach is mayor konrad friedrichs, elected democratically by the castle assembly. "Everything that is important is discussed there. New offers will be announced, and if there are problems, they will be solved together", the eleven-year-old from kulmbach explains the principle. He himself works as an editor for the mini-ku newspaper, which informs the burghers every day.
As a self-confident mayor, konrad is proud of his small town and likes to show what it has to offer. "We have everything you need here." There is a burgerburo and an employment office, doctors, craftsmen, a post office and a bank. And a police station: police officer tom stocker has his hands full as he searches for the sender of a threatening letter.
"The girls and boys perform services for each other and are rewarded with kuros", frank doppel from the awo youth organization explains the concept of the play city. The earnings are reinvested – in food, fashion advice, sporting events or for the rent or construction of their own house.
Mini-ku burgers find out who’s offering what via their radio station. The children themselves are responsible for the program. Miriam baumann is part of the team and makes sure that the planning fits during her shift: "i’ve found my dream job."