Wind turbines please on the jura

Wind turbines please on the jura

The wind priority areas are currently sweeping through the town and municipal councils in upper franconia like a storm. The municipalities still have until friday to submit their comments to the regional planning association of upper franconia-west.
Bad staffelstein is affected by the areas draisdorf-west, puchitz-sud and tiefenroth-west. With different majorities, the city councils rejected all three areas. They may be removed from the list of priority areas. Mayor jurgen kohmann (CSU) made it clear that the city only had to worry about the flat and the windmills planned for it, but not about the economic viability of it. This is exclusively a matter and risk of an investor.

Alternative flat at lame

But because the energy turnaround is desired, kohmann said, the council should propose an alternative flat to the planners. It is located between lahm and kummersreuth, is about 150 hectares in size and keeps all necessary distances to houses. The idea came from the "neue energie obermain" cooperative. Citizens can participate in this cooperative. Among them are also some city councilors, for example the faction spokesman of the SBUN, werner freitag.
That's why winfried ernst, spokesman for the free voters' group, wanted to know whether the cooperative had already secured land in the proposed area. Then, he argued, those involved themselves decided to have the area upgraded in their favor.
"I think it is a pity that they take up the subject. They want to make blob headlines again", answered mayor kohmann.
Hartwig hummer (CSU), who owns some of the affected areas, announced that he would not vote. But he also said: "to my knowledge, there have been no negotiations up there with any landowner yet."


Car division slows daimler down again in 2013

Car division slows daimler down again in 2013

At mercedes benz cars, earnings before interest and taxes (ebit) for the current year will actually be "slightly below" the previous year, announced zetsche at the presentation of the financial statements on thursday in stuttgart.

In 2012, operating profit at mercedes benz cars had fallen by 15 percent to 4.4 billion euros. Only from 2014 onwards did the manager promise a return to rising profits for the automotive division. Zetsche’s imminent contract extension until 2018 comes under difficult circumstances.

"We intend to invest heavily in our future this year, which will naturally have a corresponding impact on our earnings," said zetsche. For the past year, he drew a mixed balance: "2012 was a year with many successes for daimler, but also with recognizable potential for improvement," he said in his speech. Daimler had missed its "strategic targets". "We are not yet at the goal, but on the right way."


“Everything done right”

In kronach, the courageous decision to allow the rosenberg festival to take place paid off. The members of the tourism and city marketing committee breathed a sigh of relief when kerstin low drew a small conclusion. But there are other challenges waiting to be met.

Mayor angela hofmann ( CSU ) summed up the decision as follows: "when we made the decision, we considered various concepts. We planned very carefully, now we can say: we did everything right."

"Everybody" is completely sold out, only for "ladies night" a few seats are still free. According to hofmann, the children's stuccowork is also very well received. The artistic director anja dechant-sundby is doing a good job. You can tell by the enthusiasm of the spectators. "People are just grateful that some things are possible again," said angela hofmann.


Reconstruction work has begun on the hospital’s turnaround ramp

"We wanted to quickly create a solution without problems", emphasize district administrator christian meibner and hospital director eva gill. While the problems at the access road were only discussed last week during the first review of the operation of the new regiomed hospital, yesterday morning the excavators of the district construction yard already rolled in: the access road is to be improved by a reconstruction of the turning ramp, i.E. A reconstruction of the ground in its center and its asphalting. In a test phase until spring, they want to see if this provisional solution will stand the test of time, so that they can then tackle concrete measures.

Complaints about the access road and the short-term parking spaces at the entrance to the new regiomed clinic in lichtenfels have been piling up recently. The traffic circle with the integrated ground plane was considered too narrow for turning. That is why it is now to be reconstructed and asphalted. The reconstruction work is expected to continue until this thursday.

Should unscheduled situations arise, it was quite possible that residual work had to be done on friday, says the head of the district building yard, heiko tremel. According to his information, the existing gutters and curbs will be removed and a layer of asphalt will be installed as a temporary solution over the winter. The district’s construction yard is placing flexible curbs in the way the future traffic route should be. It would also be possible to run a "test phase" over the winter the technical director of the hospital, markus semmelroch, explains.


Wehrlein’s farewell in installments?

Wehrlein's farewell in installments?

A season that has already begun in a completely messed-up way threatens to be the premature end of pascal wehrlein’s formula 1 career. After just two years in the king’s class of motorsport, the former 2015 DTM champion is running out of options.

"I don’t think i can have a place at clean next year," wehrlein said youngest in spa-francorchamps. Wehrlein then drove for the swiss private team for only one year. The close cooperation with ferrari was allowed to become a sporting hang-up for him; the scuderia, as the old and new engine partner, will want to swap the mercedes kid for a driver from the ferrari junior squad next season. Ferrari is also involved in the discussion about the driver issue, clean team boss frederic vasseur has already admitted.

One of the candidates, charles leclerc, a 19-year-old monegasque, is doing some great self-promotion as the leader of formula 2. Second candidate is antonio giovinazzi, 23-year-old italian. He already drove in place of wehrlein when the latter was not allowed to drive the first two grand prix this season in australia and china due to broken vertebrae after his accident in the "race of champions" at the end of january. Besides giovinazzi is also replacement driver for the scuderia for sebastian vettel and kimi raikkonen.


“Astro-alex” launched into space: two days with the rocket to the iss

Alexander gerst’s farewell is a trail of fire as a pit in the firmament. He quickly condenses into a dim dot in the sky above the kazakh steppe. After two and a half years of strenuous training, germany’s most popular astronaut has launched to the international space station (ISS). Astro-alex" lifted off on a soyuz rocket departing on wednesday from the russian spaceport baikonur.

Commander gerst before his mission into space: relaxed and in top shape

before that, he was enjoying his daily routine: "just got up and took a shower for the last time in 6 months", he tweets first, then later "we put on our spacesuits and test them for leaks. Wearing shoes for the last time for 6 months… ;)". Four years ago, "astro-alex" was already once on the ISS, as a board engineer. "It’s easier when you’re flying for the second time, because you don’t have the rough unknowns", he says. You don’t wonder anymore what life is actually like up there.


Obama backs victim’s families in effort to pass stricter gun laws

Obama backs victim's families in effort to pass stricter gun laws

Less than four months after the massacre at an elementary school in the U.S. State of connecticut, where 20 children and six counselors were killed by a spree killer, he pledged monday night in nearby hartford to keep up his efforts. Following his speech, he took a dozen members of the victims’ families on the presidential plane "air force one" to washington so that they could lobby for tougher gun laws there.

Obama advocates a nationwide ban on so-called assault rifles and other semi-automatic weapons. However, he is facing fierce resistance in the U.S. Congress, especially from the opposition republicans, but also from within his own democratic party. The plans of the weiben haus were further and further watered down in the draft laws at the behest of the powerful weapons lobby.

The state of connecticut had passed one of the toughest gun laws in the u.S. Last week. The sale of magazines for a particularly large number of cartridges has been banned, the ban on the sale of assault rifles has been extended and the checks on gun buyers have been tightened up. "You helped make this happen," obama told an audience of about 3,000 at hartford university. "Your voice, your determination have made this happen."Connecticut has shown the way. "Now it’s time for congress to do the same."


Hardly a muscle remains unmoved

hardly a muscle remains unmoved

Half past eight in the morning in bamberg. While it is still quiet in the boathouse, the grove is already densely populated by sports enthusiasts of all kinds. There are many joggers and bikers on the paths and trails.

The nordic walking group of the bamberg adult education center also meets here every week in a relaxed atmosphere close to nature. Today, the group led by martina setz consists of ten participants, some of whom have already been taking part for seven years. From students to pensioners, every age group is represented.

Nordic walking, as the name suggests, is of scandinavian origin. The special aspect of this sport is that it trains up to 90 percent of the body's muscles. Because nordic walking is by far more than just walking with sticks.


“Bioenergy important building block”

The oliver schubler family’s estate in untermembach was very well attended: CSU member of the state parliament walter nussel and district administrator alexander tritthart also came to the inauguration ceremony for the new woodchip heating system.

As oliver schubler explained, seven houses with 18 residential units in the hebdorf district had already been connected and were now sustainably supplied with warm and hot water. Others are to follow. "We want to be cheaper and we have to be more environmentally conscious in our heating", stressed schubler, who is not only a building contractor but also an energy consultant. At the inauguration, he took interested visitors on a tour of the plant.

"Climate problem not to be denied"

Walter nussel, a certified forestry expert and member of the state parliament, is convinced that rural areas can only survive if the value creation remains on site. And that is now being realized here. According to nussel, a particular problem lies in the area of heating buildings, because the replacement rates of heating systems or entire buildings are naturally much lower than those of cars: around 40 percent of energy consumption is used for heating buildings and providing hot water alone.


Hochstadt: aischpark-center provides jobs

Hochstadt: aischpark-center provides jobs

If you search the job boards for hochstadt an der aisch as a place to work, you’ll find a bit more job ads than usual. This is directly related to the fact that the countdown on the homepage of the aischpark-center keeps running towards zero. On 17. In october there will be a small opening party and the day after the official opening of the doors. By then, all businesses want to have their positions filled.

Michael peterding, project developer at klappan gmbh, which is jointly responsible for the center, reckons that 300 to 350 new jobs have been created. The most wanted job: salesman. From mattress retailers to supermarkets – they all need people who can get the goods to the customers. The retail chain woolworth, for example, is currently looking for a full-time, part-time and part-time salesperson via the job portal of the employment agency. Even the two shoe retailers deichmann and K+K schuh-center liked to have another salesperson in the team.

Difficult search

However, the search for workers is not always easy. Although dehner reports that all the positions in the new branch have been filled and that only temporary workers are still being sought, there are still vacancies elsewhere.