Reconstruction work has begun on the hospital’s turnaround ramp

"We wanted to quickly create a solution without problems", emphasize district administrator christian meibner and hospital director eva gill. While the problems at the access road were only discussed last week during the first review of the operation of the new regiomed hospital, yesterday morning the excavators of the district construction yard already rolled in: the access road is to be improved by a reconstruction of the turning ramp, i.E. A reconstruction of the ground in its center and its asphalting. In a test phase until spring, they want to see if this provisional solution will stand the test of time, so that they can then tackle concrete measures.

Complaints about the access road and the short-term parking spaces at the entrance to the new regiomed clinic in lichtenfels have been piling up recently. The traffic circle with the integrated ground plane was considered too narrow for turning. That is why it is now to be reconstructed and asphalted. The reconstruction work is expected to continue until this thursday.

Should unscheduled situations arise, it was quite possible that residual work had to be done on friday, says the head of the district building yard, heiko tremel. According to his information, the existing gutters and curbs will be removed and a layer of asphalt will be installed as a temporary solution over the winter. The district’s construction yard is placing flexible curbs in the way the future traffic route should be. It would also be possible to run a "test phase" over the winter the technical director of the hospital, markus semmelroch, explains.

District building yard manager heiko tremel adds that small things could possibly be prepared or improved to meet the requirements of the final state. "With this solution, we hope first and foremost that the problem at the turning point will unfold for the future", says district administrator christian meibner. District administrator meibner and the clinic management once again appeal to all visitors to use the parking garage.

The parking spaces directly in front of the entrance are only intended for short-term parkers who need to visit the hospital quickly and urgently. The problem of the lack of space in the parking garage will also be addressed in the short term, announces district administrator christian meibner, in order to solve the parking problems as quickly as possible