Ruckdeschel prize awarded to young talent

Ruckdeschel prize awarded to young talent

As it sometimes happens. Luise heckel told the 25 guests how she came to play the trumpet – it was only a few years ago that the twelve-year-old from kulmbach discovered that she had a talent for playing the trumpet: she tried to play on a garden hose – after a tip from her music teacher harald streit. And lo and behold, her approach was flawless – she could play on the improvised instrument. So good that today she plays the trumpet with enthusiasm and success.

Luise heckel is one of four recipients of the ruckdeschel award, which was presented by the forderverband der stadtischen musikschule in the foyer of the stadthalle on friday afternoon.

Mayor henry schramm (CSU) was pleased to see so much talent in kulmbach. Music is able to make people dream and to give them comfort. Margit ruckdeschel, wife of the company's founder hans albert ruckdeschel, also congratulated the award winners. She emphasized that music is a matter of the heart of her and her husband.

Braces lead to the euphonium
In addition to luise heckel, leonhard hahn was also presented with the forder prize. The 15-year-old from kulmbach used to play the trumpet, but yesterday he received an award for his euphonium playing. He was forced to learn to play the instrument because he had braces on his teeth and was unable to play the trumpet.

Another prize winner is hannes ritschel. The 16-year-old from kulmbach has been playing the piano for eight years. He said that the competition in his own family spurred him on to musical excellence; after all, all four of his siblings played the piano. Two of them have already been awarded the ruckdeschel prize. Hannes ritschel, like luise heckel and leonhard hahn, receives a year of free lessons at the music school.

This year's special prize – a music workshop with the jazz juniors – went to verena foit from mainleus. The eleven-year-old gave a taste of her vocal talent on friday, for which she was awarded a prize.

The award was presented for the ninth time. The idea of the talent demand was born on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the company. Birthday of entrepreneur hans albert ruckdeschel. This year, a seven-member jury evaluated 15 applicants in an audition and selected the winners from them.